Crain's: Time to end the war on Chicago's neighborhood high schools

"We do not need to open new selective enrollment or charter schools. Choice alone doesn't guarantee access and it doesn't guarantee quality."

Don't believe the hype

A phishing scam started by the Illinois Policy Institute, masquerading as something called the "Liberty Justice Center," is targeting CTU members. Here's what you need to know.

New CTU report reveals rampant, unaccountable outsourcing is impoverishing and undermining schools

The CTU today released a report detailing the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by CPS on privatized services—services which have resulted in multiple conflicts of interests and an extremely poor level service in Chicago’s public schools.

Don't blame teachers

While no one wants a strike, teachers, parents, students and communities across the city must fight back. 

Measuring the impact: Schools struggle from multiple angles with incarceration

EducationDIVE news looks at challenges schools face of educating children with incarcerated parents and reintegrating students after they have entered the juvenile justice system. 

CAN TV: Residents Demand Anti-Violence Programs

Hedges Elementary second grade teacher Joel Munoz joined our Grassroots Collaborative allies last week in standing up for Chicago residents affected by violence and challenging the state’s expensive interest payouts to Wall Street banks while shortchanging lifesaving anti-violence programs. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).

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