Two CPS high school teachers reflect on Forgotten Future: The Education Project

If you are frustrated with the current state of CPS, the is new play provides an inside view of the impacts on children, parents, and teachers in particular of the dogma, bureaucracy, and institutionalism that plague our schools.

In These Times: Karen Lewis Has Already Redefined Chicago Politics

She’s out of the race, but the movement continues to build.

Catalyst Chicago: As CPS irons out school budgets, charters will also get more cash

CPS is increasing the per-pupil funding provided to charter schools for this year in order to “equalize” funding between them and traditional schools.

Forum: Greed vs. Need

They call it austerity - tax breaks for the rich. We call it a budget crisis that hurts our communities and public services. 

CTU President Karen Lewis acknowledges expressions of support offered during her leave

President Lewis released a statement to the public regarding the thoughts, prayers and well wishes regarding her leave of absence from the Chicago Teachers Union.

Chicago Tonight: CTU VP Jesse Sharkey

Interim CTU President Jesse Sharkey, often a fixture on the CTU's frontlines, sits down to talk about the issues and the direction of the union.
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