New mom explains why she voted 'yes' for a CTU strike

Erin Franzinger Barrett, a teacher at Telpochcalli School, cast her strike re-authorization ballot this week from her mother and child room just days after giving birth to her daughter, Xiobhan Rocío Franzinger Barrett.

VP Sharkey on the democracy behind week's strike re-authorization vote

"Not only do I think the CTU is the most democratic union in the country," said CTU VP Jesse Sharkey, "I think it’s the most democratic institution in the city of Chicago." 

Strike authorization vote in second-day; teachers decry 20 percent reduction in school supports amidst high crime

CTU teachers, clinicians, paraprofessionals entered the second day of strike voting calling on Mayor Emanuel and his handpicked Board of Ed to stop eliminating nurses, social workers, counselors and psychologists in wake of city's violence crisis.

Message from CTU President Karen Lewis on this week's strike vote

This week's vote is to reinforce the democratic sentiment your union made last December when members voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. 

Strike re-authorization voting Sept. 21-23

This week, vote "yes" to protect your students, your classrooms and your profession.

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