Phantoms Playing Double-Dutch: Why the Fight for Dyett is Bigger than One Chicago School Closing

They were gathered in the name of Dyett, the high school that the leaders of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced in 2012 would be shuttered at the end of 2015. This group of parents, community members, and students…

Austin Weekly News: In Bronzeville, a hunger strike for the ages

The Dyett 12 are starving themselves for the sake of real school choice and community determination. 

CTU calls on mayor, CPS to hold Dyett hearing this Monday

Hunger strikers continue to risk their health for education justice.

How Bank of America busted the schools budget and what we can do about it

Despite the claimed financial expertise of the appointed Board of Education bankers, we are in the midst of a full-blown financial catastrophe. Bank of America is largely at fault. 

Why a Bank of America Boycott Is Necessary

In a post on A Just Chicago, CTU researcher Pavlyn Jankov lays out how a public movement can budge even the most recalcitrant institutions.

CTU VP Jesse Sharkey at City Club of Chicago

CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey delivers an impassioned speech before a sold-out audience at the City Club of Chicago on August 27, 2015. Sharkey spoke in place of CTU President Karen Lewis.
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