Chicago Crusader: Protestors vow to reinstate CPS program

Last week after an exclusive story revealed that the only remaining electricity program in CPS housed at Simeon Career Academy was eliminated, employees, alumni, concerned citizens and former students rallied and began organizing to reverse the decision.

CPS’s Attack on Vocational Training Contributes to Chicago’s Skyrocketing Youth and Black Unemployment Rates

In 2011, Simeon closed its only machine shop. Now, Simeon has eliminated the only electricity program in CPS with unemployment more than 7 percent in the state of Illinois and an astounding 92 percent for Chicago's African-American males ages 16-19. 

CTU: ‘Onus Falls on Mayor to Properly Fund City’s Public Schools’

'CPS has been banking on solving their budget problems through pension theft, but the Illinois Supreme Court ruling that protected retiree benefits has negated that strategy.'

Crain's: Watchdog group shreds Chicago public schools' 'gimmick-based' budget

An already 'unsustainable' financial hole at Chicago Public Schools continues to only get worse, setting the stage for 'dramatic and painful' cuts next year, according to a review of its proposed 2015 budget by the Civic Federation.

Public Hearing for Dyett High School

Come tell Alderman Burns to listen to the community’s plan for the future of Dyett High School -- The Dyett Global Leadership & Green Technology High School plan.

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