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DePaul Winter Forum

by ctu communications  |  February 17, 2017

ILLUSTRATION: DePaul Winter Forum

Chicago Students Join in Day Without Immigrants Protest

by Matt Masterson - Chicago Tonight  |  February 16, 2017

On top of some restaurants and businesses, there were also some schools without immigrants in Chicago on Thursday.

Classrooms across West Elsdon, Brighton Park, Little Village and other predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods were left half-empty as students took the day to join in citywide Day Without Immigrants protests.

Hundreds of immigrants and protesters filled Union Park Thursday morning and marched onto Federal Plaza in the Loop as part of a nationwide strike to bring awareness to immigrants' rights. 

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ILLUSTRATION: Day Without Immigrants Protest

President Lewis: “I don’t trust Forrest Claypool, I don’t trust CPS”

by ctu communications  |  February 15, 2017

CTU President Karen Lewis joins The Download host Justin Kaufmann for a wide-ranging interview to discuss a number of topics including Governor Rauner’s budget address, the Chicago School Board suing the state over funding, not trusting CPS, her relationship with Forrest Claypool and much, much more. Click below to listen.

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Candidates for the functional vice president vacancy

by ctu communications  |  February 06, 2017

Elementary Functional Vice President Candidates

  1. Gabriel Sheridan - Ray Elementary School
  2. Karen J. Soto - Waters Elementary School
  3. Christa M. Lohman - ODLSS Access & Opportunities
  4. Denita N. Armstrong-Shaffer - Fuller Elementary School
  5. Katherine E. Osgood - L. Hughes Magnet School

Five members were nominated for Elementary Functional Vice President at the February 1, 2017 House of Delegates meeting.  All voting members of the functional group of the House of Delegates may vote for one candidate to fill the elementary functional vice president vacancy on the Executive Board at the March 8, 2017 House of Delegates meeting.

2017 Polar Plunge

by ctu communications  |  February 03, 2017

ILLUSTRATION: 2017 Polar Plunge

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The impact of furlough days on professional learning

by Paula Wyatt - Beaubien Elementary  |  February 02, 2017

As an educator in CPS, when I heard our professional development days would be furloughed, AGAIN, I was astonished, disheartened and discouraged! I was motivated to write this to share the impact of the recently announced cancelled professional development (PD) days on my teaching practice and my students. I want to inform those not familiar with what educators do on PD days and the value of what has been taken away.

Professional development days directly impact the quality of the instruction and environment within our schools. These are the precious few hours we jam pack with opportunities to improve our own practice, collaborate with others to improve whole school initiatives, finish projects and planning, evaluate data and find valuable resources. 

Here is a snapshot of what I had planned for professional development on Feb. 3, 2017:
  • LGBT advocacy discussions with Lurie's Children’s Hospital and its Transgender Toolkit for educators.
  • Bilingual specialist presentation on ACCESS data to improve English Language Learners instruction.
  • Quest Center collaboration with mentors provided by the Chicago Teachers Union to determine trends in my action research on implementation of new Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Library curriculum planning with team leads to correlate standards with community resources such as Field Museum Primary Source Boxes, Donors Choose projects and availability of other technological resources available to teachers in CPS.
  • Grant writing with a professional writer to apply for funds to refurbish library and implement new science program school wide.
  • Peer review meeting with parents, colleagues and Northwestern graduate students to discuss outcomes of a pilot unit of study and provide feedback.
It is no surprise that academic journals have consistently published empirical studies that link professional development to student achievement. Personally, my experience supports these findings. The impact of missing my professional development listed above will be significant both immediately and long term for my practice and the practices of my colleagues. Ultimately, the lost opportunities will impact the students academically and socially.
The content of my PD was meant to be immediately implemented as we are confronted with transgender issues within our school, we have lost our ESL teacher to budget cuts and we are held responsible to teach new standards that we do not yet fully understand nor do we have the resources to implement with fidelity. All paramount issues we had planned to address. Feb. 3 and the three other days will come and go, and so will the opportunities for us as teachers to hone our craft to improve the quality of education we provide to our students.
I personally have lost a lot more than four days of pay.

Resolution: Forrest Claypool must resign

by ctu communications  |  February 01, 2017

WHEREAS, the efficiency measures proposed by Chicago Public  Schools and imposed by the Chicago Board of Education have led to mass privatization, costly contracts, program cuts, mass layoffs, and an increased inefficiency of our public school services all while frivolously lining the pockets of wealthy investors
RESOLVED that the Chicago Teachers Union calls for the immediate resignation of CEO Forrest Claypool and a member vote of no confidence for his efforts to dismantle and sabotage the Chicago Public Schools; and be it further
RESOLVED that CTU will move to have our sister unions within CPS follow suit in this vote.

Resolution: Furlough will impact grading practices

by ctu communications  |  February 01, 2017

WHEREAS, the BOARD has announced 4 furloughs on days previously scheduled for Professional Development (PD); and

WHEREAS, we believe that this action by the BOARD is a violation of our recently signed contract as well as a violation of labor law; and

WHEREAS, the BOARD’s decision to furlough CPS staff is the latest demonstration of their preference to cut from educators, students, and schools rather than advocate for the funding our school district needs; and

WHEREAS, schools depend on the professional knowledge, leadership, and cooperation of their licensed staff; and

WHEREAS, the 4 involuntary furlough days substantially diminish paid productive time available to teachers; and

WHEREAS, according to research by the University of Illinois, CPS teachers work 58 hours a week—far in excess of our paid work day; and

WHEREAS, in the past, due to our professionalism and extra, uncompensated effort, the administration and public have taken it for granted that we enter grades into Gradebook on a daily or weekly basis; and

WHEREAS, in the past, due to our dedication, good faith devotion to our craft, and work during night/weekend hours, we have submitted lesson plans, unit plans, and other planning documents to administration on a daily or weekly basis; and

WHEREAS, the creation and submission of such Gradebook and Planning Documents are NOT critical to the delivery of instruction, student learning, the maintenance of good relationships with our students and parents, or to carrying out our jobs properly; and

WHEREAS, the creation and submission of such Gradebook and Planning Documents ARE used for the Administration’s compliance and evaluation systems; and

WHEREAS, the elimination of Professional Development time for the rest of the year produces a real hardship, for grading, records, planning, and license renewal among others; and

WHEREAS, the fact that these days were eliminated without so much as consulting the CTU about other options such as shortening an over-long school year, or joining the CTU in the fight for surplus TIF funds, a LaSalle Street Tax, progressive income tax on the rich, and other measures that could address CPS budget shortfalls can only be seen as a sign of blatant disrespect; and

WHEREAS, we cannot in good conscience support the BOARD’s choice to cut from educators (who are overwhelmingly working women) and students (who are overwhelmingly students of color) in order to protect the interests of politicians and the wealthy; therefore, be it

RESOLVED that, in the face of such disrespect, CTU members will no longer make extra or unsustainable efforts that do not directly benefit our students or parents, and be it further

RESOLVED while we will continue to carry out our state-mandated responsibilities:

  • Starting at the beginning of the Second Semester (February 6th), due to the loss of paid productive time, CTU members will not be able to carry out electronic gradebook entry, or lesson and unit plan submission as frequently as in the past and
  • We anticipate that, despite the best efforts of our teachers, the entry of grades may be delayed for at least a week. 

CTU citywide delegate vacancies procedures

by maria moreno - ctu financial secretary  |  February 01, 2017

All members in good standing in the functional groups listed below are encouraged to apply to fill the following citywide delegates vacancies. Click here to see the full list of vacancies.

DT:  Citywide Teacher Positions (includes Social Worker, School Psychologist and Citywide Teachers)

6 Vacancies

CR: School Community Representative Positions

1 Vacancy

TA: Teacher Assistant Positions (includes School Assistant I & II, School Assistant Bilingual Spanish I & II, School Assistant Bilingual I & II, Teacher Assistant Montessori Program I & II, Educational Sign Language Interpreter I & II, School Social Service Assistant and Instructor Assistant I & II). 

7 Vacancies

SC: School Clerk Positions (Includes School Clerk Assistant, School Clerk I, Interpreter Clerk, Special Education Support Clerk, and School Clerk I-Bilingual Spanish. 

9 Positions

TT: Temporary Teacher Positions (includes Certified Substitute Teacher, Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher, Cadre, Displaced FTB Cadre 100 Days and Displaced FTB Cadre. 

11 Positions

ST: Speech Therapist Positions

2 Vacancies

The Rules and Elections Committee has established the following timeline to fill these vacancies:

1. An announcement about the remaining vacancies was presented to the House of Delegates at the February HOD meeting. This announcement included a listing of the remaining vacancies, as well as the procedure for filling them.

2. The announcement will also be posted to the CTU website and emailed to all members in the functional groups where vacancies remain by February 6.

3. Members who wish to be appointed should follow the “procedures for nominees” listed below, and turn in all materials no later than February 27, 2017 at 5 p.m. Materials may be mailed, scanned and emailed, faxed, or delivered in person, Attn: Maria T. Moreno, Financial Secretary. No late submissions will be accepted. 

4. Once all materials are received, the president of the CTU will make appointments to fill the remaining vacancies, per the CTU By-Laws (Art VI, Section 1.). These appointments shall be approved by the Membership Committee of the CTU at their next meeting.

5. Newly appointed delegates will be seated at the March 2015 House of Delegates meeting.

The Rules and Elections Committee has established the following Procedures for Nominees


1. A member who wishes to fill such a vacancy must be in good standing and be a member of the functional group he/she wishes to represent.

2. A member who wishes to fill such a vacancy shall submit a letter of support signed by at least 10 CTU members in his/her functional group.

3. A member who wishes to fill such a vacancy shall participate in the activities of the union such as delegate’s trainings, regional meetings, and other CTU events. The member shall submit a description of their past union activity, including participation in events and CTU activities and any/all positions they have held in the CTU.

The letter signed by at least 10 members in the functional group and the description of activities are due to the Financial Secretary by 5 p.m., February 27, 2017. No late materials will be accepted.

Mail/In Person:

Chicago Teachers Union
Attn: Maria T. Moreno
1901 W. Carroll Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612
Fax: 312-329-2514

Excessive Paperwork Survey

by ctu communications  |  January 30, 2017

In our most recent contracts the CTU has won improved language to curb excessive paperwork. In order to turn words on paper into real changes in your work life, the union office needs feedback from you about the best way to challenge the excessive paperwork you’re experiencing.

Please take a minute or two to complete our paperwork questionnaire and help us enforce this important provision of the contract.

Take the Survey

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