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Notice to Members:

The Board of Education will send you a letter if you have been cut. If your principal, or anyone else tells you that you have been cut, contact your field representative and report to school on day one.

Did You Know?

If you have been separated from your position, you can request your deferred pay as a lump sum.

Download this form and fax it to CPS "Human Capital" at 773.553.4770.

Transfer Date

Article 42 states that teachers may transfer effective the end of the school year without the consent of their current principal only when the Department of Human Resources receives the administrative transfer request signed by the receiving principal between seventy and thirty calendar days prior to the conclusion of the school year.

The last day to notify your principal that you will be transfering to another school would be May 20.

H1N1 Information

Click here for information about the H1N1 flu.

Teacher Transfer Information

According to the Agreement between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Public Schools, teachers can transfer to another school without the consent of his or her principal as long as the Department of Human Resources receives the administrative transfer request signed by the receiving principal between 75 and 30 days prior to the end of the school year.

The period for these transfers is determined by the school calendar of the school the teacher is leaving, not the school they wish to tranfer to. Receiving principals must use the DS2 System to submit an online administrative transfer request to the Department of Human Resources. Schools with Year-Round Calendars on tracks A, B, or C, must submit the request by June 1.

Middle School Specialization Requirement

There have been many questions from members regarding the Middle Grades Specialization Policy which was adopted by the Board at its October 2008 board meeting. One of those questions has been about the difference between junior high and middle school endorsement.

Originally junior high content teachers were told that, in addition to an endorsement in ALL subjects for which they provide instruction, an additional six hours of middle grades pedagogy was required. This is no longer the case. After further consideration the Board has stated their belief that the Junior High endorsement gets to the heart of their policy. The Board is not requiring teachers with Junior High endorsements, awarded prior to 7-01-97, to complete additional coursework unless they are seeking to teach a content for which they are not currently endorsed.

We are advising all middle grade teachers to initiate a transcript review through ISBE. You can visit the ISBE website to learn more about the Middle Grades Endorsement requirements, as well as the process for having transcripts reviewed. That website is

Principals and unit administrators are required to submit a waiver request (and a plan for implementation) if their school is not able to meet the requirements. The deadline for submission is April 3, 2009. The waiver requests, modifications and notifications of short term authorizations must be faxed to the Office of Instructional Design and Assessment at (773) 553-4056.

Information on the middle school specialization policy can be found at:

Chicago Teachers Union