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Committee Membership for the 2015-2016 School Year

We all need to pull together to win! Join a CTU Committee.

To apply to a committee, click here to download the form and mail it to:

c/o Karen GJ Lewis, NBCT, President
Chicago Teachers Union
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 400
Chicago, Illinois 60654-1016


* = Standing Committees Plain Text = Ad Hoc or Sub Committees
Bilingual Education Sara Echevarria Alexander Fernandez
Charter Outreach Matthew Luskin  
Clinicians John Kugler Therese Boyle
Counselors Jesse Sharkey John Casey
Citywide Special Ed Itinerant Teachers Susan Hickey Christa Lohman
Displaced and Substitute Teachers Zeidre Foster Burma Green
Early Childhood
Elementary Steering
High School Steering
Special Education
The Arts
Walter Taylor
Lynn Cherkasky-Davis
Gregg Cox
Jennifer Johnson
Kevin Hough
Karen Lewis & Audrey May
Michelle Gunderson
Michelle Gunderson
Carrene Beverly Bass
Curt Maslanka
Erin Franzinger & Annie Tan
Rhonda Gholston
*Human Rights
Michael Brunson Charlotte Sanders
*Legislative Stacy Davis Gates Regina M. O'Connor
Librarians Carol Caref Sara Sayigh & Nora Wiltse
*Membership Maria Moreno Wendy Boatman
*PAVE John Kugler Evan Maniates
*Pension-Insurance Annette Rizzo Jack Silver
Physical Education Michael Brunson Jennifer Jones
*Policies Jesse Sharkey Jesse Sharkey
*Political Action Stacy Davis Gates Gloria Higgins
*Professional Problems Jackson Potter Pamela C. Touras-
Andrikopoulos & Victor Ochoa
PSRPs Christel Williams-Hayes Lashawn Wallace
*Public Relations & Communications Ronnie Reese Andrew Heiserman
Retired Teachers Christel Williams-Hayes Mary Sharon Reilly & Patricia Knazze
*Rules-Elections Maria Moreno Ellen S. Damlich
Scholarship Walter Taylor Francine Greenberg-Reizen
*School Finance and Taxation Kurt Hilgendorf  
School Safety and Security Michael Brunson Frank Menzies
*Social Nathan Goldbaum Lashawn Wallace
Student Special Assistance Fund Anita Burks Bonnie Johnson
Testing Norine Gutekanst Tracy Barrientos
*Trustees Karen Lewis Al Ramirez
*Women’s Rights Debby Pope Jacquelyn Ward
Chicago Teachers Union