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City-wide part-time grievance and organizing correspondent

The CTU is looking for an active city-wide member to help coordinate grievance and organizing efforts with our rank and file clinicians.

The position is part-time for 6 to 8 hours a week.

The position requires the following:

  1. Managing communications with city-wide members about their contractual rights, organizing opportunities, and functional group meetings for the Union and with Chicago Public Schools.
  2. Attending city-wide SPED/Clinician taskforce meetings where possible
  3. Coordinating member outreach with direction from the grievance director, organizing director, and SPED campaign leaders.
  4. Check in on a weekly basis with the Financial Secretary to track outreach with city-wide members and planning meeting agendas and scheduling.
  5. Chairing the City-wide Clinician Committees and planning collaborative efforts with the CTU SPED committee.

Compensation is $30 per hour.

Please send a cover letter and résumé to Maria Moreno via email.

Chicago Teachers Union