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ILLUSTRATION: Check list on a clipboardCTU members have a contractual right to take Personal Business (PB) Days at their own discretion. There is no prohibition on taking days immediately before or following an extended weekend or vacation. Educators are expected to practice the courtesy of informing their principal in advance. While union members have a right to take any PB day they elect, we also urge members to consider the needs of the school to provide a safe and secure learning environment on school days when a large number of educators may desire the day off. Please consult with and consider other educators in your building to provide flexibility and fairness to sisters and brothers who may have urgent personal business on such a day.



The current contract establishes a different PB Day policy from previous contracts. In previous contracts, PB days accrued on January 1 and were taken by calendar year, converting to bankable sick days at the end of each calendar year. Under the current contract (effective retroactively to July 1, 2012), PB days will accrue on July 1 each year and will be "use them or lose them" for that school year.
Chicago Teachers Union