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What is Nurturing Teacher Leadership?

Many of these gold standard teachers earned the honor with the support of CTU Quest Center's Nurturing Teacher Leadership program. Click here for the list of new NBCTs!

Nurturing Teacher Leadership, established in 1997, is the Chicago Teachers Union/Chicago Public Schools a 2 year program of professional development and candidate support that prepares Chicago Public School teachers for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification the highest credential a teacher can earn. It includes:

Nurturing Teacher Leadership

Nurturing Teacher Leadership

“NTL boasts a 94% achievement rate.”

  • CTU/CPS Bargaining Agreement annual stipend
  • small group facilitation
  • collaboration with a cohort of other CPS NBPTS candidates
  • individual candidate support from a National Board Certified Teacher
  • technical support
  • personal mentoring
  • 7-day Summer Institute -August 1 – August 4 and August 8 – August 10
  • resource materials
  • 24/7 computer lab access
  • NBCT renewal support
  • retake support
  • Assessment Center simulations
  • weekly classes
  • optional Master's Degree opportunities


No meeting scheduled at this time. Contact or (312) 329-6296 for more information.

Chicago Teachers Union
Quest Center
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60654

What is NBPTS certification?

NBPTS Certification offers teachers the opportunity for career advancement and

  • provides an advanced credential consistent with what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do
  • certifies that you have the status of one who has met professional teaching standards
  • certifies that you have prepared a professional portfolio demonstrating your teaching abilities
  • certifies that you have fulfilled the rigorous assessment center exercises
  • entitles you to receive the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards endorsement on your ISBE Professional Educator License

 For more information on NBPTS click here

What are the Benefits of NTL?

  • Illinois Master Certification
  • 12 CPS Lane Placement credits
  • professional learning community
  • 39 hours of university graduate credit
  • 1st consideration for Consulting Teacher roles
  • annual stipend
  • optional Masters Degree
  • writing institute
  • public recognition
  • paid coaching incentives
  • teacher leadership roles
  • state recertification requirement met

What are the Requirements for NTL Enrollment?

  • 3 years of successful teaching at NBPTS certificate level
  • 3 years commitment to teaching in CPS beginning 2016/17 school year
  • 51 percent of your time teaching in the area in which you are seeking certification
  • successful completion of the NTL application profile
  • open to PAT or tenured teachers

National Board For Professional Teaching Standards - Five Core Propositions

  1. Teachers are committed to students and their learning
  2. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students
  3. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning
  4. Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience
  5. Teachers are members of learning communitites

Why We Are Special

The Chicago Teachers Union's Nurturing Teacher Leadership (NTL) program offers a small supportive group setting in which National Board Certification (NBC) candidates work collaboratively and are mentored by National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). We read, study, and discuss literature and research on current issues and topics in education, applying new or refined insights to our teaching practice. NTL provides multiple resources, support and incentives. Our focus is on developing, improving, and validating teaching practices, thereby increasing student achievement. During afterschool and Saturday meetings, successful teaching practices are recognized and shared.

NTL facilitates all aspects of this intensive new 2 year NBC process. We assist teachers with descriptive, analytical, interpretative, and reflective writing required for the National Board portfolio. We provide technical assistance with required documentation of your work; facilitation with student work analyses; support for effective and reflective teaching; professional development on differentiation of instruction, student assessment design and pedagogy; individual coaching and mentoring, and preparation for the Content Knowledge Assessment Center exercises.

NTL supports all CPS teachers throughout the entire certification process, providing technical, professional, intellectual, and moral support. After achieving National Board Certification, opportunities are available for NBCTs to continue their learning and to lead and support others -- at a professional wage. The CTU Quest Center is teachers working for teachers to improve the learning of Chicago's children. There are currently more than 2,000 National Board Certified Teachers working in CPS

Candidacy Support

Any questions about Nurturing Teacher Leadership or National Board Certification can be directed to Lynn Cherkasky-Davis at 312-329-6274 or e-mail

Chicago Teachers Union