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Current Professional Development Offerings

All Quest Center courses are suitable to meet the ISBE 20% requirements for regular education teachers of students with specialized needs and are aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching and the Common Core State Standards.

Spring 2014 Professional Learning Opportunities

Common Core in the Elementary Classroom

(3 Lane Placement Credits/45 CPDUs)

This course focuses on issues in implementation of the English language arts and math Common Core State Standards impacting all 3rd through 8th grade teachers. Participants analyze the CCSS and their instructional shifts and learn to apply them in their daily language arts and math instruction.  Teachers will develop a variety of assessments appropriate for the implementation of the CCSS.This course is aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching - Domain 1, Components a, c, d and e; Domain 3, Components d and e; and Domain 4, Component d. Instructor: Michelle Nash, NBCT.  

Registration Deadline - April 13, 2014

Building Rubrics

(1 LPC/15 CPDUs)

This offering provides teachers with a deep understanding of the varied kinds of rubrics not only as assessments, but also as tools that support teaching and learning.  Participants learn how to help students (and parents) understand criteria for success as measured by rubrics.  Participants gain and implement knowledge of appropriate rubric dimensions and non-value-laden language by reviewing rubrics, rating them, reading about and discussing ‘the great rubric debate,’ and creating their own rubrics. This offering is aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching - Domain 1, Component e; Domain 3, Component d; Domain 4, Component d.  Instructor:  Gloria Henllan-Jones, NBCT.

Registration Deadline – April 14, 2013

Differentiated Instruction

(2 LPCs/30 CPDUs)

This offering introduces teachers to the approach of differentiated instruction and provides them with research-based readings, practical ideas and hands-on practice that enables them to create a differentiated learning environment in their own context.  Teachers learn about unique strategies, for differentiating instruction focusing on how content learning experiences and assessment can be modified to address the unique needs, learning styles, interests, multiple intelligences, and skills of all students.  They participate in inquiry-based learning activities with their peers to develop differentiated lessons that they can implement.  Participants learn to infuse technology skills to provide robust and rigorous lessons relevant to a digital native student population. This offering is aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching - Domain 1, Components a, b, and d; Domain 3, Components c, d, and e; Domain 4, Components a and d.  Instructor:  Walter Taylor, NBCT. 

Registration Deadline – April 18, 2013

 National Board Certification

Nurturing Teacher Leadership, established in 1997, is an 11-month program of weekly professional development and candidate support that prepares teachers for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification. It includes:

  • small group facilitation
  • collaboration with a cohort of other CPS NBPTS candidates
  • technical support
  • mentoring
  • and more…

Click the link above to learn more and register for an information session.

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