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Under pressure from the 30,000 teachers, PSRPs and clinicians on strike this fall, Board of Education negotiators abandoned demands for “merit pay” and agreed to dozens of provisions that empower educators in their schools, even as locals around the country accept furlough days, pay cuts and divisive pay provisions. CTU negotiators met some Board requests half-way, as well, forging an agreement that members approved by a wide margin.

As with all contract negotiations made under time pressure, the essentials of each contract provision were agreed at the bargaining table, while details of language were left for the months of meetings and discussions that follow adoption of the agreement. All the details of the contract language have now been hammered out. Lawyers for both the CTU and the Board of Education have pored over every comma and semicolon. Today we make available for download the finalized language of the new agreement.

We are awaiting an actuarial review to ensure that every digit and decimal point in the salary tables for Appendix A is perfect. We post below a link to the Tentative Agreement, which includes the agreed salary schedules. The final Appendix A will be released as soon as review is complete.

Click here to download a Table of Contents that indicates the changes in Article and Section headings between the Tentative Agreement and the finalized Contract.

Click here to download the full text of the finalized Contract.

Click here for the Tentative Agreement and salary tables approved in October 2012.

Now that all the language in the contract is completely final, layout and production of the printed form can begin. This is expected to take around four weeks before delivery to the schools. CTU will also work to provide the contract in easy-to-use electronic formats to aid contract enforcement. Stay tuned for details on the new electronic formats.

Chicago Teachers Union