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City Council Resolution Demands a Moratorium on Charter Expansion While Neighborhood Schools are Being Closed

by ctu communications  |  02/13/2013

ILLUSTRATION: Kicked Out of ChartersChicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza today filed a resolution sponsored by Alderman Matt O’Shea (19th Ward), Pat Dowell (3rd Ward), Willie Cochran (20th Ward), Ricardo Muñoz (22nd Ward) that intends “to establish a moratorium on charter school expansion for the 2014–2015 school year allowing CPS, parents and community members time to fully understand the impact of pending school closures.”

Furthermore, the resolution states, “the Board should adopt a policy that prohibits any charter expansion when neighborhood schools are being closed.”

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) believes that parents, students and educators in Chicago deserve a hearing on this resolution. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) should not simultaneously close schools for budget reasons, and then fund the creation of additional privately operated charter schools. Every seat created in a charter school potentially increases what CPS has called “chronic underutilization” of the public schools. 

The union demands that the Rules Committee release Resolution R2013-180. The taxpaying voters of Chicago deserve a full city council vote on this matter. The current practice of closing neighborhood schools and opening charter schools is an inherent contradiction that must be explored, and many Chicago residents want their neighborhood schools fully resourced and the experimental charter movement in Chicago to end.

Members of the Chicago City Council who voted YES for a moratorium on charter school expansion.

Proco Moreno - 1st         
Bob Fioretti - 2nd          
Pat Dowell - 3rd              
William Burns - 4th
Leslie Hairston - 5th
Roderick Sawyer - 6th
Anthony Beale - 9th
John Pope - 10th
Toni Foulkes - 15th
Joann Thompson - 16th
Latasha Thomas - 17th
Lona Lane - 18th
Matthew O'Shea - 19th
Willie Cochran - 20th
Ricardo Munoz - 22nd
Michael Chandler - 24th
Roberto Maldonado - 26th
Walter Burnett Jr. - 27th
Ray Suarez - 31st
Scott Waguespack - 32nd
Carrie Austin - 34th
Nicholas Sposato - 36th
Emma Mitts - 37th
Timothy Cullerton - 38th
Magaret Laurino - 39th
Mary O'Connor - 41st
Michele Smith - 43rd
John Arena - 45th
James Cappleman - 46th
Ameya Pawar - 47th
Harry Osterman - 48th
Joe Moore - 49th

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