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City Council Resolution to Hold Hearings on CPS School Closings


Today, Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza filed this resolution sponsored by Alderman Bob Fioretti to hold public hearings on CPS School Closings:

BE IT RESOLVED that, in order to accomplish the stated goal of all parties to create the world-class educational system Chicago's students deserve, the undersigned members of undersigned members of the City of Chicago City Council urge the Chairman of the Committee on Education and Childhood Development to immediately hold a series of public hearings inviting members ofthe Chicago Board of Education and the leadership team of CPS to address the following queries:

1. Transparently describe the research, including any utilization formulas, performance procedures, and policies for making the currently considered 2012-2013 school facility decisions, including clear criteria for setting priorities with respect to school openings, school closings, school consolidations, school turnarounds, school phase-outs, and school boundary changes.

2. Provide a list of all schools being considered for such actions.

3. Describe the rational and reason of opening more charter and contract schools, as described in the CPS publication: "Call for Quality Schools", while we are in the midst of current plans to decrease the inventory of excess school buildings. Describe the projected financial savings of any such actions

4. Explain the resulting impact on student attendance these policies will have.

5. Pursuant to proposed state legislation (HB4487 - School Closings Moratorium), CPS shall comply with the intent and spirit of Public Act 097-0474. The Chicago Educational Facilities Taskforce (CEFTF), created by the Illinois General Assembly, found the final Guidelines for School Actions issued by CPS, in an attempt to comply with Public Act 097-0474, are out of compliance and lack transparency.

6: CPS shall inform the Committee on Education and Child Development and members of the City of Chicago City Council on the progress ofthe complete compliance with Public Act 097-0474.

Click here to see the resolution at the City Clerk website. 

Signed by:  

  • Alderman Joe Moreno 1
  • Alderman Robert Fioretti 2
  • Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. 27
  • Alderman Pat Dowell 3
  • Alderman Jason Ervin 28
  • Alderman Deborah Graham 29
  • Alderman Leslie Hairston 5
  • Alderman Ariel Reboyras 30
  • Alderman Roderick Sawyer 6
  • Alderman Sandi Jackson 7
  • Alderman Scott Waguespack 32
  • Alderman Anthony Beale 9
  • Alderman John Pope 10
  • Alderman James A. Balcer 11
  • Alderman Nick Sposato 36
  • Alderman Emma Mitts 37
  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38
  • Alderman Toni Foulkes 15
  • Alderman JoAnn Thompson 16
  • Alderman Mary O'Connor 41
  • Alderman Lona Lane 18
  • Alderman Michelle Smith 43
  • Alderman Matt O'Shea 19
  • Alderman Tom Tunney 44
  • Alderman John Arena 45
  • Alderman Howard Brookins 21
  • Alderman James Cappleman 46
  • Alderman Rick Munoz 22
  • Alderman Amaya Pawar 47
  • Alderman Michael R Zalewski 23
  • Alderman Michael Chandler 24
  • Alderman Joe Moore 49

Alderman Bob Fioretti flanked by Aldermen Toni Foulkes, Nick Sposato, and Scott Waguespack at the May 23 CTU STANDS STRONG RALLY.

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