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Citywide & Retiree Delegate Election Results

by Maria Moreno, Financial Secretary  |  02/05/2018

Congratulations Citywide/PSRP/Clinician Delegates

Paper nominations were mailed to citywide members on November 13, 2017 and were due December 4, 2017. The CTU received nominations in 7 city-wide categories and 0 nominations in 10 city-wide categories. In the categories that received nominations the number of nominees was either equal to or less than the number of positions available. As a result, the current nominees will be seated at the February, 7 2018 House of Delegates meeting. Procedures for filling remaining citywide vacancies can be found at the end of the list of citywide categories.

DT – (Teacher Citywide, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker) – 23 Vacancies total, 11 filled, 12 remain open

  1. Therese M. Boyle
  2. Jereece M. Brown-Sutton
  3. Sharon Gunn
  4. Jared P. Hennen
  5. Emily M. Penn
  6. Judith B. Schechtman
  7. Bessie Tsitsopoulos
  8. Jacquelyn L. Tuite
  9. Benita A. Whitfield
  10. Brad A. Wildi
  11. Daniel J. Zoller

TA – (School Assistant I & II, School Assistant Bilingual Spanish I & II, School Assistant Bilingual I & II, Teacher Assistant Montessori Program I & II, Educational Sign Language Interpreter I & II, School Social Service Assistant and Instructor Assistant I & II) – 31 Vacancies total, 15 filled, 16 remain open

  1. Lisa A. Catledge
  2. Sherri L. Dabney-Parker
  3. Charman Dortch
  4. Kimberly Henry
  5. Gloria A. Higgins
  6. Delphine Hill
  7. Catherine Y. Johnson
  8. Kelsey Kirkpatrick
  9. Georgia M. Maberry
  10. Marilyn Piggee
  11. Reyne M. Powers
  12. Julieta Riesco
  13. Cynthia Y. Smith
  14. Sharon D. Stamps
  15. Lashawn A. Wallace

SC – (School Clerk Assistant, School Clerk I, Interpreter Clerk, Special Education Support Clerk, School Clerk I-Bilingual Spanish) – 21 Vacancies total, 10 filled, 11 remain open

  1. Rosa B. Ayala
  2. Barbara J. Davis
  3. Tonya P. Doss
  4. Denise M. Fells
  5. Arttice S. Gaither
  6. Carmen Monarrez
  7. Lucille Thompson
  8. LaNedra J. Vaughn
  9. Bessie Watts
  10. Sabrina A. Woods

TT – (Certified Substitute Teacher, Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher, Cadre) – 9 Vacancies total, 2 filled, 7 remain open

  1. William E. Christensen
  2. Jeff M. Schecter

VH – (Audio Visual Technician, Audiometric & Vision Screening Technician) – 1 Vacancy total, 1 filled, 0 remain open

  1. Patricia L. Blanchard

ST - Speech Language Pathologist – 8 Vacancies total, 3 filled, 5 remain open

  1. Laurie B. Drucker
  2. Beth A. Eysenbach
  3. Paul J. Gruodis

PN - Hospital Licensed Practical Nurse – 2 Vacancies total, 2 filled, 0 remain open

  1. Ida M. Hathaway
  2. Bonnie R. Johnson

TN - School Nurse - 3 Vacancies total, 0 filled, 3 remain open

CT - Computer Technician - 4 Vacancies total, 0 filled, 4 remain open

SS - Student Special Needs Program Assistant - 1 Vacancy total, 0 filled, 1 remains open

AD – (Parent Advocate, Parent Advocate Bilingual) - 1 Vacancy total, 0 filled, 1 remains open

GC - Guidance Counselor Assistant - 3 Vacancies total, 0 filled, 3 remain open

CR - School Community Representative - 2 Vacancies total, 0 filled, 2 remain open

HN - Health Service Nurse - 1 Vacancy total, 0 filled, 1 remains open

YI - Youth Intervention Specialist - 1 Vacancy total, 0 filled, 1 remains open

LA – Library Assistant – 1 Vacancy total, 0 filled, 1 remains open

Procedures for Filling Citywide Vacancies

A member who wishes to fill such a vacancy must be in good standing and be a member of the functional group they wish to represent.

A member who wishes to fill such a vacancy shall submit a letter of support signed by at least ten (10) CTU members in their functional group.

A member who wishes to fill such a vacancy shall participate in the activities of the union such as delegate trainings, regional meetings, and other CTU events.

The member shall submit a description of their past union activity, including participation in events and CTU activities and any/all positions they have held in the Chicago Teachers Union.

Please mail nominations to the attention of Norma E. Albor, Assistant to the Financial Secretary as follows:

Norma E. Albor
Chicago Teachers Union
1901 West Carroll Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612-2401

Retiree Delegate Election Results

Due to a clerical error 33 retiree delegate positions were reported for this current delegate election cycle. However, based on the total number of retiree members there are only 29 retiree delegate positions. On January 9, 2018 the Rules & Election Committee voted to seat the top 29 vote-getters. For the candidates who received vote totals in the 30th, 31st, 32nd and 33rd places, Rules & Election voted to seat those candidates as delegates in the order of their vote totals should positions become open during the course of the term.

NomineeTotal Votes 
Mary Sharon Reilly 961 Winner
Patricia A. Knazze 909 Winner
Lois Nelson 855 Winner
Roberta Wilson 809 Winner
Howard L. Heath 800 Winner
John W. Lewis 798 Winner
Marybeth Foley 780 Winner
Beatrice S. Lumpkin 778 Winner
George E. Milkowski 778 Winner
Patricia A. Jones 774 Winner
Deborah A. Pope 771 Winner
James W. Stewart 769 Winner
Theresa D. Daniels 762 Winner
Margo T. Murray 750 Winner
Mary I. Edmonds 743 Winner
Jack Silver 735 Winner
Patricia A. Boughton 715 Winner
Helen M. Ramirez-Odell 707 Winner
Lawrence E. Milkowski 690 Winner
Leandres White 678 Winner
Cecelia D. Scott 674 Winner
Charlotte Brent 665 Winner
Jamilah M. Ali 661 Winner
Claire E. Falk 660 Winner
Stephen D. Livingston 659 Winner
Thomas Lalagos 651 Winner
Jean R. Schwab 643 Winner
Drunita Steward 619 Winner
Cathaline Gray Carter 610 Winner
Wiliam R. Lamme 608  
Glory A. Margotte 597  
George N. Schmidt 533  
Maria J. Rodriguez 526  
Louis N. Pyster 507  
John Keating 504  
Rose Mary Finnegan 502  
Robert F. Bures 472  
Barbara J. Baker 434  
Queen E. Jackson 406  
Sarah E. Loftus 400  
Susan E. Hickey 374  
Barbara Ramsey 373  
Ava C. Harston 363  
Jerald A. Siegel 362  
Jo-Anne Cairo 284  
Carmen V. Collazo-Robinson 267  
Christine C. Etapa 259  
Chicago Teachers Union