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Claypool No Confidence Vote

by CTU Communications  |  05/12/2017

This week, 25,000 CTU members took a NO CONFIDENCE referendum on CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. Join us May 23 to rally, present vote results and explain the vote to the public.

  • Demand Rahm find revenue to stop devastating school cuts.
  • Help show the public Claypool and Rahm’s FAILURE to advocate for our schools or students and their REFUSAL to take needed actions to properly fund and protect CPS.
  • Add to the public pressure the mayor is feeling to avoid year-end cuts by using his access to TIF funds, ending corporate tax breaks and taking other progressive revenue actions available to him.

We demand that Mayor Rahm Emanuel immediately declare a surplus of ALL Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds and reinstate the Corporate Head Tax, directing this revenue to the Chicago Public Schools. We also demand that Rahm fire Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool for his poor stewardship of the school district.

We declare a vote of No Confidence in Claypool for:

  • Maintaining a separate and unequal school district by underfunding Black and Latino schools
  • Destroying Special Education services
  • Targeting and firing experienced teachers
  • Targeting union activists for firing and discipline
  • Aiming to eliminate hundreds of School Clerk positions
  • Refusing to use local revenue sources to help our schools
  • Breaking our Contract and giving educators 4 furlough days


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Chicago Teachers Union