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CPS’ “Longer School Day” Waiver Votes undermine students who deserve a high-quality education


Today CTU released the following statement regarding teachers who voted for a longer school day at two elementary schools:

CTU contends that the Board has coerced principals to force this waiver vote on their staff. We have heard of gifts being offered as bribes to teachers and other concessions if they vote for a longer school day. 

What has happened at Skinner and Melody schools is unfortunate.  CTU is negotiating for a better school day for our students—one that includes a rich and broad curriculum that provides them with a world class education.  Today’s vote is not only a violation of past practices, but it is an unacceptable way to implement a longer school day. 

What the CPS has done is to pressure employees at two schools to agree to longer work.  They don’t know anything about the curriculum. They don’t know how much they’ll be paid.  They don’t know what is being offered to our students.   This is backward, political style of school reform at its worst. 

This is taking advantage of teachers who care about our children.  We know our teachers care about our students and have always been willing to work hard to ensure they have the world-class education they deserve. However, this is an attempt to isolate our members and prey on their good will so that they work against themselves.

CTU contends that individual school principals have demanded that school Union Delegates and all bargaining union members take a wavier vote to increase the school day and add an additional 90 minutes per day.  CTU views this demand by the school principals as a form of coercion and a violation of the Agreement and Board Policy. 

CTU has already filed a grievance that these maneuvers undermine the collective bargaining agreement and could constitute a violation of fair labor practices.

We encourage our members not to sign any waiver that would alter their current contract.

Chicago Teachers Union