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More information on CPS layoffs

by ctu communications  |  08/08/2017

We know the layoffs recently handed down by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS CEO Forrest Claypool are devastating to both the individuals impacted and their school communities. Our members continually have to do more with less. Our students deserve better. So we will continue to expose the mayor and Gov. Bruce Rauner’s disregard for public education in Chicago.  

Thankfully, we have won important contractual rights that help protect our members. Specifically—and most importantly—Appendix H, Section 5 of the contract provides that all tenured teachers laid off for any reason (except those with “unsatisfactory” ratings) are guaranteed placement in the reassigned teacher pool, or a full-time teacher vacancy for which they are qualified, at full salary and benefits for a full school year.

With respect to PSRPs, Appendix I, Section E guarantees all laid-off PSRPs rated “developing” or better a right to placement in vacant PSRP positions for which they are qualified that exist on the 20th day of the school year.

The mayor's handpicked Chicago Board of Education has routinely claimed over the past several years that most of the beginning-of-the-year layoffs it hands down are not true layoffs because displaced employees are hired into other positions within the system. This new contract language requires to Board to live up to that claim, and, with respect to nearly 97 percent of tenured teachers, protects them from any loss of salary for at least a year after layoff.

It also helps ensure that dedicated teachers and PSRPs who are invested in our schools, and who lose their positions due to no fault of their own, are able to stay in our district.

Your rights

CTU members have contractual rights in the event of a layoff—no matter the terminology the Board uses (honorable dismissal, school action, etc.). The short description of those rights found here is not intended to answer every individual question, but it does provide a basic overview of what happens if you lose your job because of budget reductions, decline of enrollment, change in academic focus, or school actions such as closing, consolidation or turnaround. Click here to learn more about the rights of CTU members who are laid off.

For a more detailed description of your rights, see Appendices H  and I in the CTU-Board Contract, pages 141-145 (H) and 145-150 (I), respectively.

Job fairs

CPS is holding job fairs for the 500 positions its claims are going to be filled.

Take action

Below are steps ALL members can take to fight for our sisters and brothers under attack.

Chicago Teachers Union