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CTU Statement on Fact-Finder's Report

by Stephanie Gadlin  |  07/16/2012

Though Fact-Finder Edwin Benn will not be releasing his recommended report until after the parties have determined whether to accept or reject it, CPS regrettably has leaked to the Chicago Tribune information contained in the report, creating confusion in Chicago as to its contents. Due to the crush of media inquiries occasioned by the CPS leak, it is necessary to clarify some aspects of the recommended report.

The Fact-Finder has determined that CPS’s longer school day amounts to a 19.4% increase on average that teachers will have to work, and he has determined that CPS cannot expect its employees to work nearly 20% more for free or without fair compensation. Accordingly, the Fact-Finder’s report recommends both a general wage increase and an additional increase due to the length of the school day: A general wage increase of 2.25% for School Year 2012 -- essentially a cost of living increase -- without any changes to existing steps and lanes. He also recommends an additional increase of 12.6% to compensate teachers for working a longer school day and year. This represents a combined first-year increase of 14.85%, plus existing step and lane adjustments. CPS has estimated the total first year increase to be 15-20%, and we do not disagree with that characterization.

The Fact-Finder also recommends cost of living increases in any additional contract years.

When the entire report is released and reviewed, it will show that Fact-Finder Benn wholly supports fair pay for a fair day’s work. For this reason, we expect that CPS -- which for months has publicly stated that the Fact-Finder should decide our raises -- will now make an about-face and try to discredit the process it championed both to Legislators in Springfield and to the public here in Chicago.

Chicago Teachers Union