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CTU wins contract fight with CPS – and commitment to hire over 100 additional teachers, teacher assistants

by ctu communications  |  11/09/2017


After a multi-year battle with CPS management, CTU has pushed the district to hire 91 additional teacher assistants and 11 additional teachers for schools struggling with lack of resources and overcrowding. Rank and file members joined with CTU field staff to successfully organize around the issue – and to force CPS to enforce our contract, specifically around K-2 class size issues.

The agreement means more living wage employment opportunities for CTU PSRPs – a job category that has been under attack by Mayor Emanuel’s hand-picked school bosses for years.

“We know that classrooms in dozens of schools are overcrowded – and that teacher assistants play a critical role in supporting classroom conditions that allow students to learn and teachers to educate,” said CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey. “This victory is a powerful rejection of management’s endless nickel and diming of our members and our students – and an opportunity to put our union PSRPs back to work. We also want to push Emanuel’s school CEO to be mindful of a central demand from our neighborhoods – that CPS hire from within our communities, and that placement focuses on Black and Brown workers who reflect and have a real connection to neighborhoods in need.”

This hiring initiative is an important win in a larger fight. Many other schools need – but have not yet received – staffing support, so it’s critical that members reach out to your field representative and organizer if you need relief with school staffing needs.

The new hiring commitment opens up slots for TAs, plus some full-time teaching slots, at schools that include Audobon, Daniel Boone, Bouchet, West Ridge ES, Byrne, Rachel Carson, Carter, Chase, Clay, Cook, Dixon, Dore, Drake, Ebinger, Edgebrook, Esmond, Fort Dearborn, Foster Park, Garvy, Grissom, Josefa Ortiz, Gregory, Sapata Academy, Smith, Hitch, Hoyne, Cullen, Green, Mason, Wells Prep., Pasteur, Pickard, Sauganash, Sawyer, Solomon, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Taylor, Lavizzo, Ward, Ella Flagg Young, Von Beethoven, Willa Cather, Morton, Richard Henry Lee, Dubois, Wacker, Belmont-Cragin, Talman, Tarkington, Delgado Kanoon Magnet, Gallistel, Jackson Language Academy, Sheridan Math & Science, Skinner, Metcalf, Hendricks, Higgins, and Richards Academy.

Contact your field representative for more information, or check out the CPS job board

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