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Deal reached for Aspira teachers, averting strike at privately run charter network

by juan perez jr. - chicago tribune  |  03/10/2017

Teachers at the city's Aspira network of charter schools reached a tentative labor contract agreement with school managers late Thursday evening, averting what union leaders had billed as the nation's first strike at a privately run charter network.

“Aspira just finally agreed to our terms,” charter teacher Marines Martinez said Thursday. “It’s just a tentative agreement, but we did note that Aspira is finally listening to us."

A two-year agreement includes annual raises of 3.25 percent and 3 percent, a union attorney said. The charter network would also continue to pay the bulk of teachers' pension contributions.

The charter network's school year would be reduced by four days, and the network's school day would also be trimmed by half an hour -- though the union said there would be no impact to classroom instruction time.

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