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49 Teachers Achieve National Board Certification Through Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center

by CTU Communications  |  01/19/2013

Group Photo
The fourteenth annual cohort of Nurturing Teacher Leadership achievers of National Board Certification.

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CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) today honored the 14th cohort of Nurturing Teacher Leadership (NTL), the union’s National Board Certification professional development and candidate support program. More than 200 people packed the CTU’s Merchandise Mart headquarters for an emotional ceremony that celebrated 49 educators certified during a pinning ceremony as new National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) —the “gold standard” for teaching in Chicago.

ILLUSTRATION: NTL 2013CTU President Karen Lewis renewed her  National Board Certification.

“The union has long been dedicated to the National Board and its process of training and developing teachers,” said CTU President Karen GJ Lewis, NBCT. “Board accreditation is something I take great pride in, and today’s honorees should feel the same, and know that they have the support of the union and our members in living out their passion and desire for a lifetime commitment to education.”

Keynote speaker, Dr. Ron Thorpe, president of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, discussed the highlights of the NTL model of professional learning and how it should be a template for candidate support programs nationwide. Thorpe also talked about his vision for teacher leadership across the United States and recognized the leadership of Lewis, who recently renewed her 10-year National Board Certificate and was among today’s honorees.

“There is no state more important to the future of the National Board than Illinois, and there is no NBCT support program that is more indicative of what we should be doing in this country than the one that’s run by the CTU.” Thorpe said.

Photo from NTL Pinning 2013Front row of the gathering, left to right: CTU Financial Secretary Kristine Mayle, CTU VP Jesse Sharkey, CTU President Karen GJ Lewis, NBCT, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards President Dr. Ron Thorpe, CPS Chief Talent Officer Alicia Winckler, & Midway Network Chief Luis Soria.

Other speakers included Luis Soria, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Chief of Schools for the Midway Network and Alicia Winkler, CPS Chief of Talent. Other officials in attendance included Joe Moriarty, CPS Labor Relations Officer; Susan Ansai, CPS Director of Professional Development and Professional Learning; Nancy Schwartz, National Board for Professional Teaching Outreach Director; and Lynn Cherkasky-Davis, CTU Quest Center Coordinator.

“We are grateful to CPS leadership for their continued support of professional development through National Board Certification,” Cherkasky-Davis said. “Much of the public doesn’t realize the crucial role that teachers play in the lives of children and our collective future, and an investment in NBC and teacher enrichment is an integral part of true education reform.”

The CTU runs the rigorous program through its NTL program. The program’s mission is to increase student learning by improving the quality of teaching in CPS; to nurture teachers as leaders from within their classrooms, schools, union and district; to advance school reform initiatives; and to prepare and support teachers through NBC.

Photo from NTL Pinning 2013
New math NBCT Ryan Peet says, "NTL has made me a better educator."

“NTL has made me a better educator by teaching me to become more reflective in my teaching practices,” said new NBCT, Ryan Peet. “It was the most challenging, but ultimately the most rewarding experience of my career.”

The Quest Center NTL program has a 94 percent National Board achievement rate—more than twice the national average.

“It is extremely important for us to maintain a sense of professionalism,” Lewis said. “What I hope that we all continue to do is to not only be strong professionals, but to be strong union teachers.”


Nurturing Teacher Leadership, established in 1997, is an 11-month program of weekly professional development and candidate support that prepares teachers for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. NTL supports teachers throughout the entire certification process, providing technical, professional, intellectual and moral support. After achieving National Board Certification, opportunities are available for National Board Certified Teachers to continue their learning and to lead and support others—at a professional wage. The Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center is teachers working for teachers to improve the learning of Chicago's children.

To learn more about NTL Recruitment meetings and to register for an upcoming meeting, visit

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Congratulations to all CTU members who achieved National Board Certification in 2012!

Katy Plechaty Alejos Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Janet McGrath Allen Lake View High School
Christine Fusaro Alsteil Spry Community Links HS
Folasade Adekunle Northwest Middle School
Marie Allen Rachel Carson School
Sherice Allen Herbert Spencer Math & Sci Aca
Esther Angulo Emiliano Zapata Academy
Luis Avila Helge A Haugan School
Deborah Banks Edward Coles Model For Exl Sch
Sarah Baranoff Hancock High School
Cherianne Barry Ariel Community Academy
Diana Betout Richard Edwards School
Kristin Beyer John C Dore School
Iris Binor Hyde Park Career Academy
Eileen Bishop Augustus H Burley School
Raluca Borbath Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Kathleen Bourret Richard Henry Lee School
Angela Brito Mary Mcleod Bethune Sch of Exc
Jameelah Brown-Williams Bouchet Academy
Lillian Buss Mary Mcleod Bethune Sch of Exc
Renee Butala Ira F Aldridge School
Peggy Butler Newton Bateman School
Tarashaun Cain A Philip Randolph Magnet Schoo
Mihaela Calafeteanu Maria Saucedo Scholastic Acad
Casey Carlock Mary Lyon School
Siobhan Cassidy Ellen Mitchell School
Eu Choi Alessandro Volta School
Chelsea Clementz Columbia Explorers Academy
Sandra Coppa Ellen Mitchell School
Nancy Cordova Calmeca Acad of Arts & Dual Lg
Begona Cowan Augustus H Burley School
Mauricia Dantes Marquette School
Angela Davis King Selective Enrollment HS
Sydney Davis John Spry Community School
Katie Derington William H Ryder Mt/Sci Spc Sch
Jacqueline Di Lorenzo William J Bogan Comp Tech HS
Kenneth Dobert Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Tiffany Drain Arnold Mireles Academy
Jan Dudzik Whitney M Young Magnet HS
Dawn Dugan A Philip Randolph Magnet Schoo
James Eberle William C Goudy School
Susan Echeverria Ruben Salazar Bilng Ed Ctr Sch
Ted Ehnle James Monroe School
Sarah Faller Jonathan Burr School
Shira Fisher Mark Sheridan Math & Sci Acad
Patricia Freckelton Enrico Fermi School
Kathleen Friedl John Fiske School
Caridad Garcia Sandoval School
Janette Gardner Dunbar Vocational Career Acad
Kavita Garg Theodore Roosevelt High School
Jennifer Gedeon Rufus M Hitch School
Kimberly Godfrey Rodolfo Lozano Bil & Intrnl Ct
Sarai Greenberry Neal F Simeon Voc High School
Megan Grib Bret Harte School
Patrice Hall Marvin Camras Elem School
Colene Halvorsen Andrew Carnegie School
Adrienne Brockway Handelman Daniel Hale Wms Prp Sch of Med
Theresa Hehn John W Garvy School
Patricia Hernandez Irene C. Hernandez Middle Schl
Rosalba Hernandez Rachel Carson School
Amy Hillier Ariel Community Academy
Emily Hoffman Myra Bradwell Arts & Sci Acad
Eileen Holzhauer Philip Murray Language Academy
Beth Houghtby Marvin Camras Elem School
Marianna Jennings Charles Allen Prosser Car Acd
Shalynn Jennings Albert G Lane Tech High School
Jennifer Jones Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Daniel Kang Lindblom Math & Science Acad
Dennis Kass Infinity Mth, Sci and Tech HS
Carmen Kile John T Pirie Fine Arts & Acad
Amanda Kirshner William H Prescott School
Maria Klingner Frank L Gillespie School
Anna Kolanczyk-Olech John W Garvy School
Panagiota Kolintzas Christian Ebinger School
Kevin Kopack Albert G Lane Tech High School
Laura Kristek Graeme Stewart School
Felicia Kyle Arna Wendell Bontemps School
Dekey Lama Daniel Hale Wms Prp Sch of Med
Jessica Liska Sauganash School
Amy Liss LaSalle Language Magnet School
Matthew Lombardo Franklin Fine Arts Center
Nicole Ludwig Ariel Community Academy
Julia Mahowald Dr. Jorge Prieto Math & Sci Ac
Lee Marcheschi Edison Park Elementary School
Michael Mascari Whitney M Young Magnet HS
Kelly Masterson Marvin Camras Elem School
Shannon Mcglynn Roger C Sullivan High School
Elizabeth Mcgovern Myra Bradwell Arts & Sci Acad
Katharine Mcjimsey Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Jessica Mckinzie Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Stacy Medeiros-Delgado Columbia Explorers Academy
Todd Medintz Augustus H Burley School
Alanna Mertens Dept of Math & Science
Dena Milano Mary Lyon School
Laura Miller Dr. Jorge Prieto Math & Sci Ac
Andrea Montgomery Dr. Jorge Prieto Math & Sci Ac
Anne Georgia Moore Charles Sumner Mth/Sci Com Acd
Maggie Moran William H Prescott School
Melissa Morris William Howard Taft High Schoo
Brett Muchow KIng Selective Enrollment HS
Rory Muchow Oscar F Mayer School
Virginia Nagano Cyrus H Mccormick School
Shemeka Nash Morgan Park High School
Jeffrey Naumann John J Pershing East Mag Sch
Karen Neary Oscar F Mayer School
Gina Nirenberg Tarkington School of Excellenc
Justin Nowak Newton Bateman School
Chelita Oneal Daniel Webster School
Diane Pajkos Kate S Kellogg School
Debra Pedersen Guglielmo Marconi Com Acd Sch
Ryan Peet Louis J Agassiz School
Aubrey Perlee Dr. Jorge Prieto Math & Sci Ac
Jennifer Pestich George Washington High School
Meghan Pfeil Bret Harte School
John Phillips Tarkington School of Excellenc
Evelyn Pollins George B Swift Specialty Schoo
Gabriel Popovich Percy L Julian High School
Melissa Potts Maria Saucedo Scholastic Acad
Amanda Pryce Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez Sch
Stephen Quella James Monroe School
Leah Radinsky Chicago Academy School
Hope Radtke Logandale Middle School
John Remiasz William Jones Academic Mag HS
Katrina Richard Morgan Park High School
Misty Richmond Agustin Lara Academy
Ana Rodriguez Ruben Salazar Bilng Ed Ctr Sch
Lauren Rodriguez Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Pamela Ronson John F Kennedy High School
Kelly Rueda Daniel R Cameron School
Michael Rusin Lincoln Park High School
Anita Sanchez LaSalle Language Magnet School
Wendolyne Sanchez-Lopez Mancel Talcott School
Kyrstin Sauceda Jose De Diego Comm Academy
Cory Schiffern Ellen Mitchell School
Sarah Schneider Ellen H Richards Career Acad
Amanda Sewell Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Sharon Shelhamer Nathan S Davis School & Annex
Jessica Siegel Chicago Academy School
John Silva Lindblom Math & Science Acad
Milena Sjekloca William B Ogden School
Michele Smith Beasley Academic Center Magnet
Valentina Sorescu Manley Career Comm Academy HS
Molly Spooner Walter Payton College Prep HS
Kristin Stephens James B Farnsworth School
Angeline Stewart Emiliano Zapata Academy
Madilyn Soch Strentz Infinity Mth, Sci and Tech HS
Andrew Stricker Charles Allen Prosser Car Acd
Annemarie Strom Ellen Mitchell School
David Strom North Grand High School
Megan Stytz Richard Yates School
Beth Tarasievich James B Farnsworth School
Neil Tejano Whitney M Young Magnet HS
Karen Tellez Newton Bateman School
Trisha Tepavchevich Infinity Mth, Sci and Tech HS
Fontane Thomas Stephen K Hayt School
Mary Tripp Newton Bateman School
Roberta Oliveira Ulrich-De Herbert Spencer Math & Sci Aca
Haley Underwood Lazaro Cardenas School
Jennifer Crall Veltman Edward N Hurley School
Michelle Washington Graeme Stewart School
Sarada Weber KIng Selective Enrollment HS
Casey Weedon David G Farragut Career Acad
Eric Weiss Marie Sklodowska Curie Metro H
Franklin White Michelle Clark Acad Prep Mag H
Christopher Wilhelmi Chicago Mil Acad - Bronzeville
Demetrice Williams Mark Twain School
Jana Willman Edward Jenner Acad Of The Arts
Lisa Wissert Jonathan Y Scammon School
Joyce Yeagle Wolfgang A Mozart School
Donnalyn Yee Rufus M Hitch School
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