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ISBE May End Special Ed Class Size Limits

by ctu communications  |  03/11/2013

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, the Illinois State Board of Education voted to authorize public comment on proposed changes to Part 226.730 and Part 226.731 of ISBE's rules (found in Title 23 of the Illinois Administrative Code). Effectively these proposed changes would lift class size restrictions on what constitutes the definition of a general education classroom, allowing local districts to decide class makeups. A link to the State Board’s materials on this topic (including the actual proposed language changes) can be accessed at The relevant section begins on page 11.

Representatives from Chicago Teachers Union, Access Living, Equip for Equality, Illinois Education Association and Illinois Federation of Teachers all testified in opposition to the rule. School Management (Principals, School Boards, Administrators) along with IAASE testified in support. Click here to read the testimony of CTU Financial Secretary Kristine Mayle, herself a special education teacher, opposing the rule change. Click here to read the testimony of Cynthia Riseman, Political Director for the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

The proposed Rule Change will be published in the Illinois Register on March 8, 2013. The proposal's publication begins a 45-day public comment period. CTU will provide an Action Page at that point, to make it easier for our members and the public to submit comments.

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