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January 19 National Day of Resistance

by ctu communications  |  12/22/2016

January 19

National Day of Resistance

Tagline: We will PROTECT our students, our schools and our communities.


Across the country on Jan. 19, educators, school staff, parents, students, political leaders and community allies will stand together to show President-elect Donald Trump that we are committed to protecting ALL students, schools and communities, and to demonstrate our opposition to Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. For decades, DeVos and her family have spent millions on an anti-public-education agenda, defunding and destabilizing public schools while at the same time promoting private, for-profit schooling without any regulation, transparency, accountability or respect for civil rights and church-state separation.

Trump and DeVos, however, are only auxiliary lines connecting racism and economics to what we are experiencing in Chicago and Illinois. Trump, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner are a three-headed monster that chooses to partner with the wealthy while ignoring trauma and the need for social workers, school nurses, counselors and clinicians in our schools. Chicago Public Schools spends more time evaluating teachers than it does resolving the issues and challenges associated with poverty. This must stop.

During this national day of action initiated by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, people will come together at their schools to act on the ways this national agenda impacts their own school community. In Chicago we will:

  • Call on Rahm, Rauner and Trump to invest in Sustainable Community Schools, make billionaires like Ken Griffin pay their fair share, close tax break loopholes, and stop using TIFs as slush funds and fairly fund public education.
  • Demand that our schools and campuses be sanctuary spaces from the threat of deportation, racism and bullying.
  • Support public education, call on the Senate to reject Betsy DeVos as secretary of education, and demand no school closings, turnarounds or charter/voucher expansion.

You can help now.

Promote this day in your school community.

Start now to talk with educators, parents and community members about January 19, its importance and the impact the triple threat of Trump, Rauner and Rahm have on the schools. Consider what your school community might do that day to stand together against their attacks.

Chicago Teachers Union