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Let's make this video go viral!

by Kenzo Shibata - CTU New Media  |  08/23/2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Things are heating up in the fight for a fair contract that will give teachers, PSRPs, and clinicians what they need to give Chicago's students the schools they truly deserve. 

There was a great deal of concern over the radio ads and email lists bought by billionaire-backed outsider groups spreading misinformation regarding our contract talks.

While these outsiders repeat the tired line "get back to the table," our bargaining team continues to bargain in good faith. Today they are engaged in a 7-hour marathon session.

These outsider groups have billions of dollars in hedge fund money at their disposal, but we have something much greater -- 30,000 members and their friends and family.

Last week, we released a video "Chicago Teachers Union Vs. Astroturf Billionaires" which is quickly going viral. It was  recently featured in Huffington Post.

Please take 24 minutes to watch this video where you will see:

  • Protesters admit to being paid to smear CTU in public meetings
  • Jonah Edelman, CEO of Stand for Children admit that he "made up" the longest school day statistic that was used in Rahm Emanuel's mayoral bid
  • Ties between Mayor Emanuel and the Michigan Tea Party


Click on the image to watch the video at Huffington Post. 

After you watch this video, please e-mail it to your friends and family to show them what we're up against in Chicago.

Share the video on Facebook. If you have not already, please "like" Chicago Teachers Union on Facebook.

Please post it to Twitter with the hashtag #FairContractNow along with any other contract fight related tweets. Members engaged in informational picketing this week have been snapping shots and posting to Twitter using that hashtag. CTU's official Twitter handle is @ctulocal1.

Our story is getting out , but we need your help. If you are new to social media and would like to learn more, please send me an email at

Just last week, we held a social media training for activists and we're sure to have more in near future.

In solidarity,

Kenzo Shibata
CTU New Media Coordinator 

Chicago Teachers Union