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Listen to Parents Across America Webinar on High-Stakes Testing

by Parents Across America  |  01/29/2013

Listen to teachers and renowned fair education advocates discuss the ramifications of high-stakes testing. Who is targeted, who benefits and why? Find out the cultural implications of high-stakes testing and what alternatives exist for fair student and teacher evaluation. Also find out how to opt your children out of non-state mandated standardized testing.

Here is the link to Parents Across America’s testing webinar, where guests included:

  • Monty Neill, Executive Director of the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest). Dr. Neill  authored Implementing Performance Assessments: A Guide to Classroom School and System Reform, and Testing Our Children: A Report Card on State Assessment Systems, the first comprehensive evaluation of all 50 state testing programs.
  • Tim Slekar, a former public school teacher and now an associate professor of teacher education. Dr. Slekar is also co-host of At the Chalk Face and a founder of United Opt Out National.

The discussion covered:

  • How high stakes testing got started.
  • Methods to fairly evaluate a teacher in the classroom.
  • Opting your student out of high stakes testing, why and how.
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