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South Side Principal Leaves After Lawsuit, Petition Calling For Her Ouster

by Joe Ward - DNAinfo Chicago  |  11/01/2017

GAGE PARK — The principal of Nightingale Elementary has left the school after allegations — and a lawsuit — from teachers and parents who accused her of verbal abuse.

Principal Margaret Kouretsos retired Friday from the $143,000 position, according to a letter CPS sent to Nightingale families. Kouretsos faced allegations that she verbally abused employees, retaliated against those who took sick days and kept a "blacklist" of enemies, according to teachers, a petition, Board of Education testimony and a lawsuit filed against her. A news report also claimed that she lashed out at those speaking Spanish in the school.

petition calling for Kouretsos' ouster gained more than 1,000 signatures, and parents and former teachers have gone to Board of Education meetings asking CPS to intervene. A federal civil rights lawsuit was also filed against her by a former teacher.

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