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Resolution for the CTU to Support the Inclusive Prosperity Act (a.k.a. The "Robin Hood" Tax)

by CTU Communications  |  01/25/2013

ILLUSTRATION: Robin Hood TaxThe Chicago Teachers Union supports the Robin Hood Tax, which would bring much-needed resources to neighborhood schools that need it the most. Currently, 190 CPS schools do not have libraries and 90 schools do not have either visual arts, music or world language teachers. Many elementary schools have no playgrounds, and our schools can never have enough school psychologists, counselors, social workers or nurses. Daily physical education is required by state law, but we do not have enough teachers meet that requirement, while budget cuts have all but eliminated our literacy and math coaches who provide supplemental services to students who need them the most.

Teachers spend thousands of their own dollars each year to provide materials and supplies in their classrooms -- materials and supplies that should be provided by the school district. But they do it for the kids.

Our teachers entered this profession to educate and care for children -- to make a difference -- and we do, every day, despite the budget cuts that constantly plague us and make it nearly impossible to provide the kinds of services we know our students deserve. That is why we will continue to support the Robin Hood Tax and the push for resources to invest in jobs in health care, housing and education. Because what would be an insignificant amount of money to the private businesses and corporations, would make a world of difference for our schools and communities. 

Click here for the full version of the Resolution for the Chicago Teachers Union to Support the Inclusive Prosperity Act (a.k.a. the Robin Hood tax): H.R. 6411.

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