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SB1 Veto: Governor 1% and Mayor 1% Should Be Embarrased

by CTU Communications  |  08/01/2017

CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union released the following statement in response to Governor Rauner’s veto of SB1 and the continued failure of Rahm and Rauner to fully resource Chicago school communities:

This should be embarrassing but nothing seems to embarrass in post-Trump America. 

Governor 1% — Rahm's public education mentor and the self-anointed patron saint of public schools — has the audacity to single out the largest school district in the state and reduce the amount of funding for our district, which is in  desperate need.

Our school communities are being starved, our neighborhoods are ravaged by unprecedented violence, and our neighbors on the south and west side suffer from Great Depression-era levels of unemployment. And, instead of demanding that the wealthy pay their fair share to equitably resource schools throughout the state and expanding the public sector, Governor 1% fans the flames of regionalism to pit the schoolchildren of Chicago against those in other parts of the state. Meanwhile, Chicago’s Mayor 1% says CPS will fall short of its budget goals even if the state legislature overrides Rauner’s SB1 veto.  Rahm continues his reverse Robin Hood governance by stealing millions of dollars of tax money for schools and redistributing it to wealthy developers and tourist attractions. 

Chicago’s children deserve better.

The solution is simple: new revenue from the state and city.

Rauner should drop the charade of governing and provide Chicago’s students their fair share of funding, while Rahm should lead by example and pass real tax increment financing (TIF) reform and reinstate the corporate head tax. 

The black and brown students used as backdrops in Rahm and Rauner’s campaign commercials and in their failed legal strategies deserve more than their political posturing.

Chicago Teachers Union