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Schools vote on assessments this spring

by norine gutekanst - ctu organizing coordinator  |  05/15/2018

CTU members now have an established procedure to implement our contract Article 44-32, which limits excessive standardized testing in our schools. At every school, our members can vote on their school’s assessment plan for 2018-2019 school year.

PPC and Principal Must Consult

Principals may use the ILT to lead on these votes. CTU, however, emphasizes that the principal must consult with the PPC on the plan for additional assessments. We highly recommend you convene a union meeting immediately this week – to discuss, as a staff, your preferences, so that we maximize unity and influence over the school assessment plan and vote.


Schools have a window from now until June 4, 2018 for assessment plan development.

Deadline for principal to present assessment plan proposal to staff: June 5, 2018

Voting deadline: June 12, 2018

Principal Proposes, Staff Votes

The vote is set up to allow the entire teaching staff to determine what additional non-required assessments you want. It is important for all CTU teachers to come to agreement on this question. However, a unanimous PPC vote (including the principal), can allow a separate grade band to take a separate vote (i.e. the PPC can consider, where appropriate, if there is a grade band, e.g. K-2, that should take a separate vote of only those members to determine the testing in that grade band).

The principal will make the final decision of which non-mandatory assessments teaching staff will vote to either reject or implement. Therefore, it is very important to maximize unity on what our members want, prior to the vote.

A Victory Against Over-testing

We view the new procedure and CPS draft assessment calendar as a victory, in that the vast majority of tests that educators have been forced to administer are not mandatory, and we have the right to vote them down, if we deem it educationally necessary.

We are not sure about a couple of the “required” exams, such as TS GOLD, and we encourage members to reach out to the CTU to share concerns around these tests.

Key Resources

Send CTU Your School’s Info

Please send your school’s proposed plan and the results of the vote via email to Vera Lindsay.

If you have questions, please email the CTU Organizing Department.

In Solidarity,

Norine Gutekanst
CTU Organizing Coordinator

Chicago Teachers Union