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The CTU is ready to take on Trump.

by ctu communications  |  11/27/2016

We are prepared for what happened last Tuesday. President-elect Donald Trump has used attacks on our students and their communities to ride a wave of voter resentment into the White House. A Trump administration is sure to promote efforts to expand Right to Work (for less) to Illinois; continue attacks on public education with an aggressive push for vouchers and charter proliferation; rain down oppressive police tactics on our students and their families with federal support for Stop and Frisk programs; and mass deportation of our undocumented students and their families.

Why does this sound familiar? Because we have been there and done that. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is ground zero for efforts to close the most schools in American history, almost exclusively in the Black community. The foundation of the mass school closings came with aggressive charter school expansion and the denial of affordable housing to low income families. Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Illinois is where the uber-rich governor has attempted to gut collective bargaining rights and eliminate our retirement security, with help from the mayor.

Emanuel is the architect of mass deportations that have ravaged the Latino community over the last eight years. Chicago is, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, the epicenter of Stop and Frisk tactics that have done little to protect our Black and brown youth from an epidemic of violence and police murders, while eroding their civil rights. Both Emanuel and Rauner have defended the malfeasance of banks and refused to tax their wealthy friends at a great cost to our communities and the services, schools and institutions they depend on.

The same effort we have taken to advance the call for greater democracy in an elected school board, a more equitable and progressive tax structure, and greater investments in schools/transportation/jobs and housing for the most beleaguered neighborhoods, is what is needed, not more Trump/Rauner/Emanuel austerity. The Chicago Teachers Union’s role in advancing a holistic agenda that can fortify and nurture our city is the best antidote to the harmful rhetoric from our adversaries.

We welcome any and all of our members to share with the CTU any lesson plans, activities and strategies you are using to support our students in these perilous times. We would like to share those valuable insights with all of our members.

We also want to emphasize that the CTU and our allies are strong, unified and will be successful, not only at withstanding the battles ahead, but winning them. People feel betrayed by the political elite and their Wall Street backers, and are looking for a program like ours to restore equality and justice in our cities and throughout the country.

On January 19, the day before Inauguration Day, we have been asked to join tens of thousands of teachers, students and parents across the country to defend public education, protect our students from the Trump/Rauner/Emanuel attacks and promote our vision for the schools our children deserve. Will you join the movement?

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Chicago Teachers Union