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VOTE NO on HJRCA 49 "Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution" on November 6

by CTU Legislative Department  |  10/15/2012

First NO: IL Constitutional Amendment defeated

The first ballot question in this general election was opposed by unions, including the CTU. Its defeat is a victory for Illinois voters.

Information shared by CTU prior to the vote:

If approved the "Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution" will require a three-fifths vote of the legislature to improve pension and retirement benefits for teachers, higher education professionals and all public employees in state agencies. 

Here is why you should vote no:

1. The pension debt is a problem, but this amendment will not solve it. The debt was created by the state's failure to pay into the retirement systems, as required by law. The proposed amendment does nothing to guarantee that Illnois meets its obligations. 

2. The proposed amendment would strip you of many collective bargaining rights. The amendment will make the fight to secure fair contracts much more difficult for workers and responsible employers. 

3. The amendment creates more obstacles to fixing the unfair "Tier 2" pension benefits. Many fiscal experts agree that the Tier 2 benfit package must be improved to meet federal standards. The proposed amendment would it make virtually impossible to do that.

4. The proposed amendment will cost the state money. Changing the Illinois Constitution by adding this undemocratic, untested language would guarantee court challenges and costly fees for years to come. 

Chicago Teachers Union urges you, your family, your colleagues and friends to vote NO to Question #1 on the ballot this November 6th. 

Chicago Teachers Union