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Special Education Task Force

The Special Education Task Force was created in 2015 to bring together rank and file members of the CTU with parents, students and activists for disability rights. Its work has led the CTU’s approach to special education issues since then.

Thursday, Feb. 22 Know Your Rights Workshop
4:30pm at CTU Center (1901 W. Carroll)

If you want a member of the CTU Special Education Task Force to host a "Know Special Education Law" training in your neighborhood, please email Natasha Carlsen.



  • Special Education Task Force meetings:
    Normally the 1st Tuesday of every month.
    Located in CTU offices (1901 W. Carroll Ave.) at 4:30pm.
    If you want to join, email Natasha Carlsen.

Special Education Class Size Limits

Check to see if your class sizes are too big and/or if you need an additional paraprofessional to meet ISBE regulations. Download this flyer with contract info and examples of successful challenges.

For example: If you have at least one student who is receiving special education services at least 60% of the time, and you have 9 students, then you would receive 1 additional paraprofessional. This paraprofessional is additional, so she/he is not attached to any IEP minutes.

Per State Special Education Rules at 23 Illinois Administrative Code 2-26.730(b) and (c)

* Students’ % of time receiving SPED servicesNumber of students allowed in classNumber of additional students allowed with a PSRP (whole-class, not 1-on-1)Total class max with teacher and PSRP
0–20% 15 2 17
20–60% 10 5 15
60% or more 8 5 13
All Early Childhood SPED (ages 3–5) 5 5 10

* Numbers are based on the student in the class with the greatest portion of time in SPED.

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