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Chicago Teachers Union membership enrollment cards are available through your school delegate or by contacting the CTU offices at 312-329-9100 or emailing your home address to . Union dues for teachers are based on one percent of the Lane 1, Step 6 salary schedule for 40 weeks plus AFT and IFT per capita assessments. Paraprofessionals pay 60 percent of what teachers pay for membership. Dues are deducted from the teacher and paraprofessional monthly paychecks.


The Chicago Teachers Union has some 20,000 teacher and clinician members. The CTU is Local 1 of the American Federation of Teachers, an Illinois Federation of Teachers affiliate and affiliated with the Chicago Federation of Labor and the AFL-CIO. The CTU is the largest local in the state and the Chicago Public School system is the third largest in the country.

Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel

The Chicago Teachers Union has some 3,000 paraprofessional and school related personnel members. PSRPs range from school clerks and teacher aides to vision and hearing screeners and school community advocates. These members are essential to the functioning of our schools and often have close ties to the community from which its students are drawn.

Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund

Established by the Illinois state legislature in 1895 as The Public School Teachers' Pension and Retirement Fund of Chicago, CTPF is the administrator of a multi-employer defined benefit public employee retirement system providing retirement, survivor, and disability benefits for certain certified teachers and employees of the Chicago Public Schools. CTPF is administered in accordance with Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) Chapter 40, Articles 1,17,20. CTPF is governed by a 12-member Board of Trustees; six are elected by the teacher contributors, three are elected by the annuitants, one is elected by the principal contributors, and two are appointed by the employer, Board of Education.

Click here to visit the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund website.

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