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Cecelia Scott, School Clerk I at Simeon HS and CTU delegate, shows her solidarity at the 2011 AFT PSRP conference.Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel (PSRPs) are an essential part of any school. They are members of the CTU because they are our colleagues. They include school clerks, teacher assistants, hearing and vision screeners, and many more job categories. Our schools cannot function without them!

Here is some information pertinent to PSRPs as we start the Track R school year.

  1. PSRPs should be organizing in every school alongside teachers and clinicians to prepare for the possibility of a strike. PSRPs must be represented in each and every school’s Contract Action Team.
  2. If PSRP members were sent home Monday, August 27th or told not to report to work until Thursday, August 30th they should contact one of the PSRP Field Representatives: June Davis (312-329-6234), Anita Burks (312-329-6237) or Tony Lopez (312-329-6238). According to the Interim Agreement, they were scheduled to report to work on the same Monday that teachers returned. There was a miscommunications from the Board of Education about the start date for these CTU members and members of other bargaining units.
  3. According to the Interim Agreement, the PSRP’s are scheduled to only work 7.75 hours a day and that includes a 30 minute lunch.
  4. DO NOT SIGN any documentation without consulting one of the above Field Reps. Our members are being transferred into SECA (Special Education Classroom Assistants) positions within SEIU, without full knowledge of what they are signing.
  5. Teacher delegates can refer to pages 142 and 143 of the CTU Contract to verify PSRP positions in their buildings. SECA’s, CWA, Security, etc. are members of SEIU, not CTU.
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