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CTU Members: Fight corporate attacks on our jobs and students  

Rabidly anti-union groups like the National Right to Work Foundation and Bruce Rauner’s buddies at the Illinois Policy Institute, are seeking to restrict the rights of public sector unions including the elimination of Agency Fee*. This is because unions stand in the way of powerful corporations that refuse to pay their share of taxes and seek instead to profit from public institutions. These elites want to destroy unions and drive down our pay and benefits.

An anti-union ruling is expected in a Supreme Court case (Janus vs. AFSCME) to be heard this term, likely stripping away the right to collect Agency Fee from public worker unions nationwide.  This ruling and other anti-worker policies coming from the Trump administration will only embolden Bruce Rauner and Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to weaken Illinois unions and privatize public education.

When Wisconsin public sector workers lost their union rights in 2011 under Act 10, which stripped them of both Agency Fee and collective bargaining rights, union membership fell 38% and workers suffered significant economic and other losses.  Milwaukee teachers, for example, were forced to take an immediate $10,000 cut in pay and benefits.

CTU members may not be able to stop the Supreme Court from ruling how it will, but we can lessen the decision’s negative impact. To proactively fight this expected decision, CTU is calling on all teachers, PSRPs, clinicians, and others covered by our contract to reaffirm your membership and support for the union. We need to demonstrate our solidarity and our determination to stand united as a union.

Help make your building 100%.  Recard (sign up using our new membership card) everyone who is eligible for CTU even if you are already a member!  We owe it to our students and ourselves to make this happen. Without a union, educators are relegated to lower pay, longer hours, and worse conditions for students—just look at how non-union charter school teachers are treated, for example.

Recard – Resist – Build Union Power!

*Agency or “fair share” fees are the amount that non-members must pay to the union.  Our union is legally required to represent even non-members in most situations. Agency fee payers work under the union contract and benefit from the union’s collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance handling so they are required to contribute to those costs. If these non-members don’t have to pay their fair share, they get a “free ride” at the expense of CTU members.

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