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Stop the Rahm-Rauner Attacks

DESTROYING our schools

■ Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has been a top advisor to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on school closings and other harmful education policies. Juan Rangel, the disgraced former CEO of charter-school giant UNO, has also been a close advisor to Rahm. Rangel stepped down as UNO’s CEO after a series of corporate scandals and federal investigations into UNO’s misuse of public funds.

■ Both Rahm and Rauner back budget cuts for public schools and sending school money to private organizations beyond the democratic control of our communities.

Harming Our Communities

■ As Mayor, Rahm has laid off 7,000 teachers and severely cut retirement income for thousands of seniors who live and spend money in our communities. His friend Rauner wants to cut even more from the limited income of the elderly.

■ Both Rahm and Rauner oppose a minimum wage hike of $15 an hour for working families in Chicago despite the need in our communities. An early 2014 poll found that nearly two-thirds of Illinois voters support a minimum wage of $10 an hour.

Serving the Rich and Powerful

■ Bruce Rauner owns nine homes worth a combined tens of millions of dollars. Rauner spent more than $100,000 to join an exclusive wine club. Asked whether he’s a member of the 1 percent, he responded, “Oh, I’m probably .01 percent."

■ After leaving his White House job, Rahm made $18 million working for two years in private equity—essential to his success was Rauner’s support. How did he make so much so quickly? According to Ron Suskind, a Pulitzer Prize–winning former reporter for the Wall Street Journal: “Paying someone who will be a future government official a lot of money for doing very little? On Wall Street, we call that an investment.”

A Rahm-Rauner agenda threatens ALL OF US.

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