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After Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed a record 50 schools in Black and Latinx neighborhoods in 2013, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said that the CTU would organize to change our city and county’s political landscape. Two years later, Emanuel was forced into a runoff, along with 18 aldermen, and CTU member and school counselor Susan Sadlowski Garza was elected alderman of the 10th Ward.

Last night, former mayoral contender, Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, was elected to Congress by a margin of more than 40 percent. CTU organizer and former Jenner Academy of the Arts and Westinghouse College Prep teacher Brandon Johnson defeated incumbent corporate lobbyist Richard Boykin to become Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District; community organizer Delia Ramirez won handily in the 4th District of the Illinois House, defeating three opponents to replace retiring State Rep. Cynthia Soto; and CTU member and Back of the Yards College Prep college counselor Aaron Ortiz defeated Dan Burke, the long-standing incumbent in the 1st District of the Illinois House, despite support from his brother, Ald. Ed Burke, who runs one of the oldest and most politically powerful ward operations in the city.

Congratulations to all of our Election Night winners—champions of public education!

Cook County Commissioner

Brandon Johnson

(1st District)

Bridget Degnen

(12th District)

Commissioner Larry Suffredin

(13th District)

Illinois Attorney General

Sen. Kwame Raoul

Illinois House of Representatives

Aaron Ortiz

(1st District)

Profile Photo for Aaron Ortiz

Rep. Theresa Mah

(2nd District)

Profile Photo for Theresa Mah

Delia Ramirez

(4th District)

Profile Photo

Lamont Robinson

(5th District)

Profile Photo for Lamont Robinson

Rep. Sonya Harper

(6th District)

Profile Photo for Sonya Harper

Rep. Kelly Cassidy

(14th District)

Profile Photo for Kelly Cassidy

Rep. Robert Martwick

(19th District)

Profile Photo for Robert Martwick

Rep. Mary Flowers

(31st District)

Profile Photo for Mary Flowers

Illinois Senate

Ram Villivalam

(8th District)

Profile Photo for Ram Villivalam

Chicago Teachers Union