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Your vote is your voice! This March, CTU members and supporters of public schools have a chance to elect education champions. A number of important state and county races include candidates that can challenge Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s grip on our city, our schools and our communities.

Early Voting begins March 5, 2018
Election Day is March 20, 2018
Find your district and polling place

Endorsed Candidates

For Cook County Commissioner

Brandon Johnson

(1st District)

Chicago Teachers Union organizer Brandon Johnson is running to replace an anti-worker, anti-public education lobbyist who has advocated for massive layoffs – and makes his money lobbying on behalf of for-profit education corporations. The incumbent is cut from the same cloth as Bruce Rauner and the other Republicans he has supported for many years.

Candidate Website

Bridget Degnen

(12th District)

Bridget Degnen, a CPS parent and daughter of union members, is running for Cook County board in the 12th district. A long-time attorney in financial regulation for the State of Illinois, she advocates for a fully-funded Cook County budget to protect healthcare and public safety in Cook County. Her opponent has a long, negative record on labor issues.

Candidate Website

Commissioner Larry Suffredin

(13th District)

Larry Suffredin serves as the Cook County Commissioner for the far northern part of Chicago and the north Cook lakeshore. Over the last 15 years, he has played a key role in improving the lives of Cook County residents. He was the chief sponsor of the ordinance that raised Cook County’s minimum wage to $13 an hour, he voted to provide all workers in the county with paid sick time, and he has lead the charger for additional revenue for county healthcare and public safety. Larry has also been a trusted advisor to the Chicago Teachers Union since 2011.

Commissioner’s Website

For Illinois Attorney General

Sen. Kwame Raoul

State Sen. Kwame Raoul is the lead Senate sponsor of the elected school board bill for Chicago. He was also the lead sponsor of the bill to repeal the death penalty in Illinois. His experience as an attorney in various areas of practice and as a legislator makes him an excellent candidate for Attorney General.

Candidate’s Website

For Illinois House of Representatives

Aaron Ortiz

(1st District)

Aaron Ortiz is a Nightingale Elementary graduate, Back of the Yards High School college counselor, soccer coach, Local School Council member – and a proud member of the CTU. He’s running on a platform to fully fund our schools, bring good jobs to the district and staff an accountable, accessible, resident-focused district office.

Candidate’s Website

Profile Photo for Aaron Ortiz

Rep. Theresa Mah

(2nd District)

Rep. Theresa Mah has consistently voted with the CTU on important issues: restoring our collective bargaining rights, reforming Chicago’s TIF program, creating an elected school board for Chicago, and opposing vouchers.

Representative’s Facebook page

Profile Photo for Theresa Mah

Delia Ramirez

(4th District)

Delia lives on the same block she grew up on -- Central Park between North and Bloomingdale. As a community leader in neighborhood and city-wide coalitions, she's fought for issues critical to working families, from balanced neighborhood development and a $15/hour minimum wage to automatic voter registration and an elected school board.

Candidate’s Website

Profile Photo

Lamont Robinson

(5th District)

South Side native Lamont Robinson understands that economic development changes lives and creates safer communities. The Harold Washington College teacher and director of a youth mentorship program knows it's critical to fund education and mentoring for the next generation of youth – and he’ll fight to make state government address the needs of our residents.

Candidate’s Website

Profile Photo for Lamont Robinson

Rep. Sonya Harper

(6th District)

Sonya has been a tireless voice for the south side’s students, parents and residents, from demanding full funding for our neighborhood public schools to fighting for economic development that can create more peaceful and prosperous neighborhoods. She’s been a fearless supporter of union teachers and the public call an elected, representative school board.

Representative’s Website

Profile Photo for Sonya Harper

Rep. Kelly Cassidy

(14th District)

Rep. Kelly Cassidy has been a strong progressive voice in the State Legislature, especially over the past couple of years. In addition to being a vocal opponent of the school voucher bill, she is the vice chair of the restorative justice committee, has been a strong proponent of reducing penalties for non-violent drug offenses, is the lead sponsor of marijuana legalization legislation, and has voted with CTU on our bargaining rights, revenue, and the elected school board.

Representative’s Website

Profile Photo for Kelly Cassidy

Rep. Robert Martwick

(19th District)

Bob Martwick understands that educating our children is one of our most important civic responsibilities. He's been a leading legislator in the fight to bring Chicagoans an elected, representative school board, full funding for public schools, and Springfield strategies that create good jobs for ALL residents as the foundation of strong families and strong communities.

Representative’s Website

Profile Photo for Robert Martwick

Adrienne Irmer

(25th District)

Kenwood high school and MIT graduate Adrienne Irmer supports the full funding of early childhood education for every child in Illinois, a progressive income tax that makes the rich pay their fair share into public programs, reversing the disinvestment and inequity that drives violence in our neighborhoods, and moving beyond SB1 to fund all public schools fairly and adequately.

Candidate’s Website

Profile Photo for Adrienne Irmer

Rep. Mary Flowers

(31st District)

Rep. Mary Flowers has been a staunch CTU ally for years. She is a revenue champion as the lead sponsor of financial transaction tax bills and a supporter of better health outcomes as the lead sponsor of universal healthcare legislation. She has been outspoken in her opposition to school closings past and present, and has voted with CTU to restore our bargaining rights, create an elected school board, and oppose private school vouchers.

Representative’s Facebook page

Profile Photo for Mary Flowers

For Illinois Senate

Ram Villivalam

(8th District)

Ram Villivalam was a state legislative liason for SEIU Healthcare prior to his run for office. Ram worked with CTU on a variety of issues, including raising the minimum wage, protecting childcare support for low-income families, and taxing hedge fund billionaires by closing the carried interest loophole. He is challenging Sen. Ira Silverstein, who faces a strong petition challenge and a high probability of not making the ballot.

Candidate’s Website

Profile Photo for Ram Villivalam
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