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The Chicago Union Teacher is the official newsletter of the Chicago Teachers Union. We will publish 8 issues this year- six monthly issues and two combined issues. All CTU members receive copies of the newsletter distributed at their schools. City-wide members of the CTU and members of the CTU Retired Chapter receive their copies by mail.

Back issues of the publication can be found by clicking on the front covers below. Downloading may take a few minutes because of the size of the newspaper files. Thank you for your patience.

Volume 81: 2017-2018

Volume 80: 2016-2017

Volume 79: 2015-2016

Volume 78: 2014-2015

Volume 77: 2013-2014

Volume 76: 2012-2013

Volume 75: 2011-2012

Volume 74: 2010-2011

Volume 73: 2009-2010

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