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Interim CPS chief plans for the long haul but hasn't talked to Rahm Emanuel

Now, with another overhaul of CPS leadership looming, [Interim CPS CEO Terry] Mazany has completed a new education plan that lays the groundwork for the types of changes he says will put the district back on track — transferring power from far-flung area offices back to the district's headquarters, improving employee morale, holding teachers accountable, closing or consolidating schools with low enrollment, placing a one-year moratorium on new charter schools to free up space for those already succeeding, investing in early childhood education and getting away from testing as the sole measure of a student's intellect.

In other words, Mazany is advocating for eliminating many of the policies Huberman put into place, a move he says will create a more level playing field across the city and better prepare students for global competition.

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