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CTU outrage over repeated budget cuts while Rahm and Rauner cheat our children

The Chicago Teachers Union responded with outrage today at Forrest Claypool’s decision to further slash the school budgets.

The issues facing CPS revolve around a persistent failure of leadership, the consistent and troubling disregard of community, parent and educator voice, and the lack of equitable funding for our school communities. Since 2011 school communities have absorbed more than $2 billion worth of cuts, including layoffs, reduction in benefits and threats to pensions. Today’s announcement is yet another clear example of Rahm’s hand-picked Chicago Board of Education and CEO Forrest Claypool’s intention to destroy public education in Chicago. At the same time as they slash existing schools, the Board moves forward with ill-conceived plans to allow private charter operators like Noble Street to expand.

Today’s announcement is yet another example of Rahm’s misplaced priorities. He has found clever ways to resource the fire and police departments’ contracts and pensions. Rahm has found the resources to pay out nearly a billion dollars in police abuse settlements. He has successfully won $2 billion to enhance the north side redline. Rahm has even lobbied Trump for resources to fight crime in the city. Yet, he continues to penalize the families and overwhelmingly female educators in our neighborhoods by balancing the school’s budget on their backs while hiding behind his mentor—Bruce Rauner’s—unjustified assault on the people of Illinois.

Of all the cities impacted by Bruce Rauner’s slash-and-burn governance, Chicago is best-positioned to withstand Rauner’s campaign to hold the budget hostage.

Today, we renew our call for Forrest Claypool’s resignation as he is nothing but a gopher and hatchet man for Rahm. We also renew our call for an elected, representative school board and demand that Senate President John Cullerton release the bill. Finally, we renew our call for the mayor and city council to pass the revenue recovery plan we championed last spring.

CTU President Karen Lewis had this to say:

“CTU teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians already work with understaffed and under-resourced schools, frequently supplementing their meager supplies out of their own pockets. This kind of disrespect is why delegates voted overwhelmingly for a district-wide vote of no confidence in Forrest Claypool’s leadership.

“Rahm and Rauner are both to blame. There’s no separation between their intention to destroy publicly funded, public education in Chicago. Since Rahm has failed at lobbying the governor for help in securing the finances of our school communities, we demand that he and the city council figure out how to save our school communities and provide revenue until our state is rid of his mentor.”

Chicago Teachers Union