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CTU responds to governor’s non-budget address

CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) today issued the following statement regarding Gov. Bruce Rauner’s non-budget address this afternoon:

“Gov. Rauner’s education proposals don't provide the money Chicago Public Schools (CPS) needs to educate the students we serve. His veto of $215 million in pension support caused the loss of instruction, after school programs and learning materials, and his claims of wanting an equitable school funding formula for the state fall flat when he punishes students in the state’s largest district to advance an agenda no one other than the state’s richest residents support.

“While the governor punts, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and appointed CPS CEO Forrest Claypool need progressive revenue action that raises money, not just takes it from other underfunded school districts. In Rauner’s Illinois, working families are political pawns in his effort to destroy our great state. As he and Emanuel engage in phony arguments and hyperbolic headlines, unemployment for African-Americans in Chicago reaches Great Depression-era rates, violence soars and public school budget cuts continue with no end in sight.

“The answer to Illinois' budget challenges is progressive revenue. The cuts have been too deep, too prolonged and too devastating to keep down our current path. Rauner continues to protect his wallet while supporting taxes that hit the poor the hardest, and both he and Emanuel are leveraging our children's education on the mistreatment of public school teachers and their failed policy and privatization ideas.

“Together, they are architects of the destruction of a public school system that tens of thousands of Chicago educators and staff have dedicated their lives to protect.”

Chicago Teachers Union