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CTU statement on Rauner veto of SB 2822

CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union issued the following statement today in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s refusal to provide $215 million in support for Chicago Public Schools:
“Based on his record of inaction and neglect thus far, it is no surprise that the governor vetoed a bill that would have provided much-needed funding for Chicago’s public schools. This was his plan all along. His stopgap budget was nothing but political cover in an election year, and he refuses to pass a balanced, long-term budget or seek additional revenue for Illinois because the state legislature will not agree to his plans to destroy collective bargaining and rescind retirement security.
“We cannot fund education in Illinois without additional revenue and an equitable distribution of that revenue to our school districts, and by attaching SB 2822 to his turnaround schemes, the governor continues to jeopardize the education of thousands of children who depend on the state for assistance.
“Chicago’s public schools have suffered from irreparable cuts, including cuts to essential special education funding. Today’s veto should be a wake-up call to Mayor Rahm Emanuel to denounce the governor and use his influence with the financial sector to make good on promises to fund our schools. It is unacceptable for both the governor and the mayor to allow our district to languish at such a great cost to our communities and the services and institutions they depend on.
“The Chicago Teachers Union renews our call for the Revenue Recovery Package we introduced in May, because it is clear that the governor will continue to be an enemy of public education, refusing to secure additional revenue and holding children hostage statewide until he gets his unworkable and widely panned turnaround ‘agenda’ passed.”
Chicago Teachers Union