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CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey testifies before Illinois House Labor Committee in support of Section 4.5 repeal

SPRINGFIELD—Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey will be in Springfield today addressing the Illinois House of Representatives Labor & Commerce Committee at 2 p.m. in support of HB1253, Amendment #1, which would delete Section 4.5 of the Illinois Education Labor Relations Act.
Prior to 1995, Chicago Public Schools had the same bargaining terms as other school districts throughout the state of Illinois. At a time when school funding under Gov. Bruce Rauner is immorally out of proportion, and both he and Senate President John Cullerton find it acceptable to rob working families of their retirement security, HB1253 equalizes bargaining between Chicago and all other Illinois school districts, thereby protecting the integrity of the classroom and student needs, and creating an important counterbalance to unilateral and ill-informed mayoral and CPS decisions.
“The restrictions on collective bargaining imposed under Section 4.5 have not protected the common good or advanced the interests of students and educators,” Sharkey said. “What was sold as a way to avoid labor strife, help the schools balance the budget and improve education in Chicago has produced the opposite effect.”
WHO: Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey
WHAT: Testimony before the Illinois House Labor & Commerce Committee
WHEN:Wednesday, March 29, 2017 2 p.m. (immediately followed by media availability)

Hearing: Room 114 Capitol Building, Springfield, IL
Availability: Room 010 (Blue Room) Capitol Building, Springfield, IL

The 1995 Chicago School Reform Act created a two-tier education system in Illinois that effectively silenced the voices of educators and school employees in Chicago. HB1253 would equalize bargaining rights by returning Chicago’s school employees to the same status as those in every other district in the State.
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