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War of the Roses: Today’s ruling in Rahm v. Rauner

CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union today issued the following response to a Cook County Circuit Court ruling against the Chicago Board of Education in its lawsuit against Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Illinois State Board of Education over unfair funding for education in Illinois:

“Today’s ruling was a lesson in predictable failure, as a district that disproportionately closes schools in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods and lays off minority educators with regularity cannot legitimately claim to make a case for defending those same groups of students and staff. Instead of a Hail Mary lawsuit built for PR purposes, the mayor and his handpicked Board of Education and CPS CEO should have immediately guaranteed school for the month of June through sensible use of tax increment financing and the corporate head tax. Yet they chose to use our students and their families as pawns in a prolonged fight with the governor.

“There are fewer than 30 school days and counting until the mayor and CPS CEO Forrest Claypool’s June 1 shutdown, and this failed legal challenge has cost taxpayers both time and money. Instead of waiting for action from a governor who has shown no desire to invest in the lives of nearly 400,000 Chicago public school students, and highlighting his racist policies instead of addressing their own, city leaders need to meet this challenge, stop playing games and use the resources available to them to fully fund our schools.”

Chicago Teachers Union