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At the February 14 House of Delegates meeting passionate debate moved all delegates in attendance. In the end, the House was unable to come to a single conclusion. Below are candidate profiles that detail the conclusions that the Political Action committee made about each of the candidates. Please use these profiles to guide you in making your own personal decision.

Miguel Del Valle : City Clerk Miguel Del Valle has spent his career taking on the Machine and supporting public education while being our consistent partner both in Springfield and here at home. He is on record in support of leveling the playing field for our currently oppressed, under-served neighborhood public schools and refocusing investment toward the neighborhoods where we live as well as returning more tax revenue to schools with TIF reform. Most recently, he has boldly defended our tenure, seniority and bargaining rights by exerting his influence on the state legislature in opposition to the notorious "Performance Counts" legislation and did so as a member of Advance Illinois. Del Valle has the most consistent and realistic ideas about how to fully fund our pensions without compromise.

Carol Moseley Braun : Ambassador Braun has many years of experience in public service. She has incorporated many CTU ideas into her education platform. Braun expresses a very strong support of neighborhood schools and educator personnel in positions of power throughout the district. Though she is critical of turnarounds, she supports charters as a middle ground between a fully public system and total privatization. She's not enthusiastic about an elected school board because of how machine forces in the Harold Washington administration attempted to strip the Mayor of power and influence. Braun does support the idea of an educator at the head of CPS. She promotes TIF reform and does not want to restrict our bargaining rights legislatively.

Rahm Emanuel : The former congressman and president's chief of staff is now angling to become Mayor, and his nearly $12 million in campaign cash makes him the front-runner. A good chunk of those reserves came from the exact same people who donated over $3 million dollars to Stand 4 Children, the out-of-state organization responsible for the latest legislative attacks on the Chicago Teachers Union. On education issues of importance to our members - from elected school board to an educator superintendent, etc. - he is out of touch and directly opposes the CTU's official positions. He did come out in vague support of TIF reform and has rightfully challenged us to be more detailed in our proposals and ideas for education. However, at the end of the day Emanuel makes no secret of his intent to reduce our pensions, strip our bargaining rights, and greatly expand the presence of charter and turnaround schools throughout the city. Emanuel has also supported efforts to impose merit pay and link teacher evaluation to test scores.

Gery Chico: As former president of the School Board Gery Chico has shaken the faith of many veteran members of the CTU. His commitment to reconstitution and student retention has negatively impacted the school system. He has expressed a desire to reform TIFs, ensure that a CEO has education experience, and look into a more representative mold for the school board. He did say that the Performance Counts legislation in Springfield was moving too fast and should slow down. Chico has publicly and vehemently opposed an elected school board and made positive public statements about charter schools. He supports the notion that the Mayor should meet with labor leaders on a regular basis.

William "Dock" Walls: A perennial mayoral challenger and successful businessman who hits all the right notes for our issues. Dock Walls is a strong advocate for most of CTU’s values and completely rejects charter schools as destabilizing elements in our system. In many different venues Walls has completely rejected Renaissance 2010 as a failed initiative by the Daley administration that has done more harm than good to neighborhood schools. He hopes to make Chicago the nano-technology center of America. However, he anticipates and accepts our upcoming "period of austerity" without clear, realistic goals for closing budget and pension gaps.

Chicago Teachers Union