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Administrative Transfers

Teachers transferring for Spring 2019

Teachers may transfer schools without the consent of their current principal provided that the Talent Office receives the administrative transfer request signed by the receiving principal between seventy-five and thirty calendar days before the end of the school year at your current school.

If you intend to transfer schools without your current principal’s consent, CPS Talent Office must receive your Administrative Transfer during the period starting Nov. 18, 2018, and through Jan. 2, 2019, to take effect at the start of second semester, Feb. 4, 2019.

The policy and procedure governing appointments and assignments for teachers is set forth in the applicable provision of the Rules of the Board of Education and Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual and is also spelled out in Article 35-4 of the Contract. Remember that Administrative Transfers are subject to Talent Office’s approval.

If you plan to transfer into another school, make certain that the position is a true vacancy. Check your Administrative Transfer form. If it says you will be a Temporarily Assigned Teacher, then you have not been offered a true vacancy. If you accept a position as a Temporarily Assigned Teacher, you will forfeit your tenure rights!

A teacher that chooses to resign is ineligible for employment with CPS for 90 calendar days before they can be hired for another position. A person does not need a principal’s permission if the position is considered to be a promotion (defined as a position with an increase in salary).

What if I miss the deadline?

If you miss the deadline, all may not be lost. You will simply have to gain your principal’s consent. Call your field representative as soon as possible to help negotiate the transfer with your principal. If you have missed the deadline, the final decision will be up to your current principal.


The contract language is clear in Article 9.

Article 9-5: PSRPs may apply to transfer to vacant positions for which they qualify at any time during the school year.

Article 9-8: Administrative transfers shall be executed promptly by the sending school’s principal.

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